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Hey guys, I kinda kept this one close to my chest. I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with it’s, but it’s here. Or will be November 6th.  It’s different than most of my other works but well I love it and why shouldn’t I. I wrote it. I also think you’ll love it if you’re into action, kick-ass heroines and the men that love them.

To Much? Probably.

Let me introduce you to them.

Meet Nova


“Aren’t you in the wrong part of town?” The buildings here were close together. No one except the foolish went down the alleys, except the rats. They seemed to enjoy it.

“Are you talking to me?”

Why was this kid here in her area to patrol? The last thing she needed was some pubescent human thinking she knew everything. It was obvious that she was defying mommy and daddy. She was about to pay for that.

“I’m talking to you.”

“I’m with my new friends were going to a party.”

“Did they happen to mention that you were the party?”

“I can take care of myself.”

“I guess you got a thing for demons.”

The girl looked her up and down as if she were a bug on the ground before she broke down laughing. Well, that answered that question. She wasn’t already turned out she was simply stupid.

“I bet your mom and dad raised you to stay away from this part of the city. They told you evil lived here. Then you got older and decided you knew better than them.”

The girl looked at the boy on either side of her. They looked about her age, young and ready for some fun.

“Those boys,” she sneered the word. “Are more than fifty thousand years a piece.”

Nova checked her nails before looking back at the girl. “Who will it be? The party where they plan to rape you until you’re addicted or me?”

“The party.” Her voice stuttered in fear.

Someone, please save me from dumb humans. This is where she got off. The girl wanted to be raped, she’d let it happen. She was a slayer after all.

“What’s a slayer?”

Had she said that aloud?

“I kill demons. It’s what they pay me to do.”

“Demons are real?” She was trying to put some space between her and the boys when one of them grabbed her wrist.

“You got one on either side of you.”

“I want to go home.”

“You’re ours.”

Now she was struggling and screaming.

“Boys you have two choices. Run or go back to hell.” Nova pulled her sword and waited. It really was impolite to send them to hell when they hadn’t done anything.

“I haven’t killed a slayer in a long time.” The one demon dropped his façade and put on another of a male in the prime of his life.

The girl was sobbing now. She should have listened to her parents. They should have told her the truth.

The cocky one got too close, and she took off his head.

“My name’s Nova.” She told the other one, “have you met me?” Strange he chose to run than to stay and fight. Now to get the human home.

What’s a heroine without a hero?


Meet Ari



“Marcus would like an audience with you.”

Ari lifted his head. He was sitting in a demon club. Not the nicest place to be, but it did remind him of once upon a time.

His violet eyes took in the two demons before him cutting them down to size. They backed up and he smiled. His teeth may have been slightly pointed or not, it depended on who you talked to.

“They always say the devil is in the details.”

One of the demons snarled at him. He lifted an eyebrow and allowed his eyes to wander back over the demon on the stage providing entertainment. The female who was encountering his wrath might not feel the same way as the crowd watching.

“Tell Marcus to go to hell, pun intended. I’m not interested.”

“You won’t get a better deal than the one he’s offering.”

Marcus was the self-appointed king of hell. Not that Ari cared. Any confrontation with him would lead to his death but Ari didn’t care enough to kill the male. He should be thankful and move on while he still breathed.

“I said no.”

“You don’t get a choice.”

Ari made a subtly move and called green fire. “You were saying?”

The demons moved back their eyes wide as they took in a scent they hadn’t smelled in thousands of years.

“No one tells Marcus no.”

“Then let me be the first.” Ari turned away to watch the female claw at the stage as she yelled for help.