Weekly words of wisdom: Tiredness or procrastination

Weekly words of wisdom: Tiredness or procrastination

Writer woke up to her alarm clock going off. The comfort of her bed called to her even as she tried to make herself move. She reached out and hit the snooze button. Didn’t she deserve another nine minutes of sleep?
The alarm sounded again much too soon. She turned it off this time, darn annoying alarm. She’d get up in fifteen minutes which turned into three hours.
Athen was on the other side of the city waking up when her alarm clock started making soothing sounds of the ocean. She opened one eye and knew something wasn’t right. Not thinking about it, she hit the snooze button. Her life was in a death spiral she couldn’t afford to procrastinate. Once again, the alarm went off and she pulled herself out of bed.
She stumbled to the bathroom and looked for her smile, but it was missing. She shrugged her shoulders honestly she wasn’t smiling most mornings. So instead she looked for the sheer determination that was always on her face. The look that said she was going to kick the world in its balls today and it didn’t matter how she felt.
That look wasn’t their either. Brush teeth and get coffee she thought to herself. This was the first day in almost thirty years she didn’t have any place to be. She did need to search the net for job openings and put in applications. Once her teeth were brushed, she stumbled downstairs. Coffee she kept repeating like she was a zombie in search of brains.
Aww, the first cup. She took a sip waiting for the goodness of caffeine to kick in and jump start her engine. It wasn’t even eight yet; she could afford to sit in her recliner before she hiked back up the steps and sat down at her computer. One more sip of coffee before she sat it down and closed her eyes. Several hours later she would awaken.
Writer crawled out of bed with her eyes red and the weight of the world on her shoulders. She screamed at herself as she made her way to the bathroom. You’re lazy writer she told herself. You’re pitiful, an empty waste of space. Her head dropped acknowledging that maybe she was a mistake.
Way to make yourself feel good. She shrugged the truth was always better than a lie. Instead, she forced herself to take a shower because that would make her feel better. How could she be this tired? Because you’re lazy, a helpful mental voice told her. Oh yeah, how could she have forgotten so soon? Shower done she went downstairs for a cup of tea. Tea sweet tea she sang in her head. Maybe I’ll make food too. Since she couldn’t remember the last time she ate the thought of food was almost appealing.
She sat down with food and tea in hand turning on the news while she ate. Maybe the sound of the television would keep her awake long enough to finish her meal.
Athen woke with a start cursing herself for her procrastination. That’s not how the world works she told herself. You must work hard every day to get ahead. You’re a woman she told herself someone is always watching you expecting you not to measure up. Cold cup of coffee in hand she poured it down the sink and pulled the stairs until she made it to her room. She plopped in front of the computer and tried to focus on the screen.
Forty minutes later she gave up if she didn’t lay down soon she was going to fall asleep in her chair. It had happened to her more than once when she was working. The embarrassment, the shame of falling asleep at work still haunted her. Of course, she didn’t deserve a raise or promotion. Although her boss told her all the time that she did three times the work as the others, the others weren’t lazy they simply did enough to get by. It was what was expected so she ended up taking up the slack.
It didn’t matter she told herself, all that mattered was getting a new job. The early grave waiting for her was simply her destination.
Writer made herself go upstairs and sit at her desk. She opened her manuscript and started working on the new novel that she was in love with. Her eyes kept closing, and she swayed in the chair, but she didn’t stop. Today she wouldn’t disappoint herself. Today she would make good on all her promises and become what she was always meant to be.
When she almost fell out of the chair, she closed her computer and dragged herself back to bed.
Two individuals totally different both of them suffering from the sin of procrastination or was it something different?
The world revolves around us so fast that at times we don’t have time to think. Could their procrastination be tiredness? Could their tiredness be an extreme exhaustion? The kind that causes car accidents and death because we’re so busy keeping up and doing what’s expected of us that we forget to take care of ourselves year after year.
Decide for yourself. All I know is it took me over a year to recover from the exhaustion of my life, and at times I still have to be careful. Happy reading, happy life.

Cole: The Wolves Den book two is live

Cole: The Wolves Den book two is live

Jessie lived in a world of fear, but that didn’t stop her from pretending nothing was wrong. She may have pretended her whole life until her mother threatened her daughter Mia. Now everything was changing, and she’s running to save Mia’s life. She wanted to leave the city, leave the country but her feet took her to the only place she had a chance at survival, Cole’s arms.


Cole knew that wanting love or a family was a death wish. He was no longer a pawn in the hands of the controllers, but freedom was something he hadn’t embraced. It took Jessie and Mia walking into The Wolves Den to shock his heart back to life. Now he wanted that family with them, and he would do anything it took to get that chance.


Cole was coming face to face with the desire o his heart. In order to win Jessie’s love, he would have to be honest with her and hope she could handle the truth. Jessie was keeping secrets of her own. How could Cole love her if he knew the truth?


While they worked out their future Mia was changing into something Jessie might not recognize, and the cold hand of death was reaching out for her.


If Mia were going to survive, Cole and Jessie would have to work together to keep her alive. Now they would have to realize that their love was big enough for them all.


Weekly words of wisdom: Who are you?

Weekly words of wisdom: Who are you?

In case you think I wrote this for you or about you, I need to tell you that you’re wrong. I’m all up in my head but your welcome to come along. I’ve been thinking a lot about choices and decisions. Right now, I think that these decisions I have to make are like a game of twister and what happens depends on who I am.

So, let’s say your right foot is on blue and your left foot is on yellow. Your hands are spread just so to keep you comfortable, but now you have to make a decision which color do I move my right foot too.

You move your foot to the blue circle next to you. It was the easy, comfortable choice. Instead of relaxing the game board expands and now you’re stretched so thin that you’re sure you’re going to fall. Your fingers are gripping the surface around you to help you stay up.

What happened? There is a river between where your foot is and where it was. It could be a river, a forest, or even dessert, let’s call it the great divide. No matter what it is, you’re not going to be able to go back to the comfortable place you just left. Now person one on your right moves her foot. She chooses a red space, and there are balloons falling out of the air for her. She wins the lottery buys a house in the Hamptons and retires. What just happened?

Some people always step in the right place without trying or thinking about it. You may be one of those people, but let’s face it most of us aren’t.

Person number two on your left chooses the yellow circle. Her legs are spread uncomfortably wide also. Does this mean you’re vindicated? She looks around and realizes she simply has to cross a street. Yes, it will take her a week or two. She’ll have to dodge cars and bikes, make sure she doesn’t bump into anyone but before you know it she’s back in the comfort zone, and you are talking eloquently about how unfair life is.

Let’s call you the writer. See I told you I was up in my head, but don’t worry you’re about to meet the rest of the world shortly.

Writer, you’re in a bad spot. Since you made the wrong decision and your obviously not person one or two you have to dig yourself out the hole you’re in and find a way to be successful. I know you decide to listen to a podcast. Not any podcast but your favorite one. The one where the voices don’t irritate you and the people running it make you want to be them. They have the best guest both males and females. You listen and get an idea that positively genius and you put your effort into making it work for you.

Your great divide gets bigger. The money you expected to roll in doesn’t, and now you’re going to have a month that you don’t know if you’ll be able to survive. Your fingers are clutching for anything to hold onto, and you’re sure that a gentle breeze will knock you on your a$$

Well, that just sucks for writer, I agree, but what about everyone else.

You, we’ll call you Athen, like writer you can be male or female but I will simply refer to you as female because it’s easier for me.

Athen someone treated you wrong. It could be your boss, or maybe your significant other; it could be a child or a friend or even an authority figure. Whoever it was has you madder than you want to acknowledge. So, you got to your best friend. You know the one who has the balls of steel.

She talks to you, gets you psyched up and sends you home determined to defend yourself, because gosh darn it’s your right.

Now you don’t have balls of steel, but that’s okay because you bought that new product out on the market. The balls of steel thong that still makes you feel feminine and soft. You wake up the next morning and put it on. It’s kind of heavy between the legs but what worries you more is the weight on your chest. Let’s say it was your boss that bothered you.

Armed with your new steel balls and confidence from your friend you go into your boss’s office where you have a beautifully intense conversation. You walk out without a job.

Athen what do you have in common with writer?

Writer listened to some very good and sound advice but she never stopped to ask herself is that the best advice for me? Was the person giving the advice they type that if she threw one hundred dollars up in the air, it would come down as one thousand? Could she be the type that even if she choose the wrong path she could make it up before it affected her? There was always the possibility that choosing the wrong path wouldn’t bother her bottom line because of the cushion she had. Or maybe she was like writer who seemed to struggle for everything she achieved.

Athen, you made the same mistake. You never stopped to ask yourself who your friend was and was she like you. Now you’re sitting on the Southside in some elegant coffee shop drinking something that is designer dealing with the fact that you have no job.

Writer is sitting somewhere on the eastside in a slightly dingier coffee shop drinking a knock off dealing with the fact that because she zigged when she should have gone straight that soon a month was coming when her royalties would suck.

That is where we will leave both writer and Athen. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to reread this and see if I can find out who I am.


Dev’s Mate is live

Dev’s Mate is live

#Shifter #Military #ontherun

Dev was military until they locked him up and used him for experimentation. When they finally made him a shifter, what made them think he wouldn’t escape? Now he was running for his life. He was never going back no matter what they tried to do to him.

When a man escapes what can bring him back?

Rissa was in hiding living her life on the down low until the military abducted her. They made her into a shifter and sent her after a certain male. She was running and confused until she met Dev. Now the last thing she wants is for him to be hurt in any way.

If they want to be together, they’re going to have to outsmart the military and her past. The task looks impossible, but they refuse to give up because the reward of outsmarting them all is love and a life together. The only thing Rissa and Dev want.


Enzo is live on Amazon

Enzo is live on Amazon

Let me start by saying I can still remember sitting in the movie theater with one of my friends watching Jurassic Park. When we left the theater, we stopped to look at the horizon looking for dinosaurs. We laughed hard because we both did it. They just felt so real.

I started writing Enzo last year spring/summer. I had some lofty goals. I don’t know if I met them, but I tried. I wanted something fun that dealt with relationships and love. I wanted some twist and turns and laughter. I also wanted you to walk down the street and catch a glimpse of someone out of the corner of your eye and wonder if you had just seen an alien.

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you ran into a male that wasn’t born on earth? Deja never wondered that. Right now, all she wanted was a job and a new place to live. When she found herself standing on the steps of what looked like an old-fashioned gentlemen’s club, she squared her shoulder. They were going to hire her.

Enzo knew he should stay away from Deja, but the minute he saw her, he had to have her. Life was never going to be the same, and they were both fine with that.

This romance has both sci-fi and paranormal elements but is also set in a contemporary setting. Deja could be anyone looking for a job that meets the male of her dreams who wasn’t born on this planet.




Willow’s Dragon

Willow’s Dragon

Willow’s Dragon the last book in the Dragon Mates series is now live on Amazon.

Willow has spent years on the run. She has no idea what’s chasing her all she knows is she has to stay on step ahead of it. All of that is now over or at least she hopes so as she decides to take a cruise. Its the first real vacation she can remember. Thoughts of sitting around the pool and drinking exotic drinks when she reaches Jamaica are keeping her busy until she meets someone that makes her need for self preservation go off. He’s a threat and she doesn’t know why.

Javon has been frozen for centuries. His life is at an end, but he still searches fro the one person who can make him flesh and blood again…his mate. Finally, he locates her. He knows that all he will ever be able to do is watch over her, until his enemy finds her. Now it’s a race against time to see who gets to her first.

Willow will have to believe the impossible, that dragons exist. Javon will have to convince her that even though he’s frozen and unable to love her, he is still her mate. Mutufa his enemy, the enemy of all dragons will be trying to kill them before Willow has a chance to to reverse his frozen state. It’s a race against time and if Mutufa wins the beginning of a new world order is on the horizon.

Click below to enter the world of dragons and their mates.

Willow’s Dragon: Dragon Mates: A BBW Paranormal Romance

Do characters take on a mind of their own

Do characters take on a mind of their own

Yes! Let me repeat that, yes, they do. When I wrote the first Love Me Harder book, I was in seventh heaven. I was driving one day, and a song came on the radio. The rest was history. I had a story idea which quickly became a series idea.
I’m a pancer but I knew who would be in the first book and I was writing happily as I shared my idea with my friend from work. Who by the way is great and was like you can do it!
The story was coming along fine when suddenly another character showed up that I never intended to put in the story. I bet you already know who I’m talking about.
Rena says we need him he’s important. I disagreed. He whispered in my ear saying he was here to stay. Finally, I gave in and said he can have a walk on role. Bring the food and leave.
He gave me a smile. You know the smile that says nothing you just said is important and I’m going to have my way.
Yep, he had his way. Before I knew it, the name Dante was as special as the male himself. But trying to be true to myself I tried to make his role a cameo, but he was important to the story as well as the other characters.
Aran and his brothers weren’t supposed to know him, but they did. Each book he became more important telling me the story was bigger than I thought.
Now he’s whispering to me about another group of Created.
Does anyone remember that he started out with a scar one that comes and goes?
So, my answer once again is yes characters take on a life of their own. Now I’m just a writer, but I swear I think they exist somewhere in the galaxy and they simply want their story told.

Why I write aliens

Why I write aliens

I bet if I said Star Trek you would immediately say to me you were a Spock fan, girl, babe, etc…
I would grin like crazy, shake my head for emphasis and say yes loudly. I love me some Spock.
What is it, you might ask. Is it the eyes? Heck yeah. Is it the eyebrows? Definitely. Then I would say let’s not forget the green blood.
After I finish fangirling, I would have to admit I wasn’t even ten when I first saw Star Trek. At that age, I wasn’t thinking of boys as cute. If I were born in the last ten years, I would have tons of posters everywhere of cute boys, especially if they were in a band. My daughter did at that age.
Now you might be wondering if it wasn’t the looks that attracted me, how did I become a Spock fan?
It was his intelligence and logic that attracted me. I found that to be hot although I didn’t know what hot meant when I was ten. (yeah, I feel old, Smile.)
At least I can say I watched Star Trek when it was in reruns.
Yep, that’s why I write aliens because there are worlds out there that think and act differently than we do. Just like there are people on the Earth that think and act differently than we do.
Some of these aliens are peaceful. Some are evil, but some have our struggles. They seek balance in their lives as well as mates.
I write aliens because they see the world differently and they allow me to see through their eyes.
We have some new aliens that will be revealed in 2017 as well as a different look at The Created.
I hope you will continue this five-year mission…wait I meant journey into 2017.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

It’s 2017 y’all! I hope this year is everything we want it to be and that it puts 2016 to shame. For all of you, that loved 2016 ignore that last remark!
This year I’m looking for the best I decided on Thanksgiving that 2017 would be my year. After the champagne or faux champagne is drunk and the ball drops. Then there will be the cringe-worthy bullets that hit the air.
After all of that, it will be time to make this year work for us. And while we’re doing that I will be writing stories and taking old story lines in different directions that I think you’ll love while unveiling new stories.
That will all happen tomorrow. Today sleep in with the love of your life, play with your children and be thankful that we’ve been given a new year to make our mark in the world.
Happy New Year and Hugs.

Serena Simpson
Romance with a Twist

Damon is live on Amazon

Damon is live on Amazon

Book two in The A’rouk Brothers series

Damon has been living under the curse of The Darkness all his life. All he can do is hope that he never meets his mate. That hope ran out when he met River. Now that’s he met her, touched her, healed her; he’ll do everything he can to defy The Darkness for one more minute with her.

River thought captivity would be the only thing she knew until she died. Then her captors tossed her out like yesterday’s trash. Now she’s dying with no hope in sight until she meets Damon. The death she was willing to accept turns into a fight for both of their lives. All she wants is one more day with him. Then one more day after that…