2016 – Happy New Year!

2016 – Happy New Year!

I want to give a shout out to everyone that has read my books and followed my blog as well as face book and twitter. I am wishing you all well in 2016 while you follow your dreams and build the life you always wanted.

I have lots of plans for this year both creativity and personally. This year will see the last two books in the Love Me Harder series come out. Alexei book 6 will come out this month. Look for action, adventure, aliens, romance and so much more!  Ash the last book in the series will come out early 2016. I will also start a few new series one of them being with Dante and his brothers so look for that this year.

I am excited to see what comes in the new year. I am also excited to hear from you the reader, letting me know what you like and what you didn’t like. Have a great 2016.


Serena Simpson

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