Alexei – Chapter one part 2

Alexei – Chapter one part 2

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Chapter one – Part two



The knock on the door brought her out of her thoughts.

“Who is it?”

“It’s your stud come to show you a good time.”

Amber laughed as she opened the door with a flick of her hand, going out with Ethan was always a good time. Mmm, he looked good. Dark skin that was flawless, deep brown eyes and a freshly shaved head. Her friends would be drooling if they were here. His lips were just right for kissing and his body was thick and muscular. The tall, dark and handsome description fit him well. She loved his company, unfortunately he left her cold.

A pair of brown eyes with rings of green and blue around them haunted her. Turning away from useless dreams she focused on Ethan.

“Where are we going tonight?”

“I discovered the most amazing restaurant; I thought I’d take you there.” He grinned at her. “Or we could always stay in. You look amazing.”

She was wearing a skin tight dress; she was clueless as to what made her put it on. Usually she wore something less form fitting when they went out because she didn’t want to lead him on.

“Ethan.” She wished she could be the one for him. Every time she saw him she tried to convince her body that a life with this man was what she wanted but it balked and betrayed her by staying dry as a bone.

“I know,” he raised a hand to stop her lecture. “Ethan, we’re just friends, maybe even sister and brother. You should go find yourself a nice woman and settle down; I’m not the one for you.” He parroted what she told him all the time.

“Yet you never pay attention to me.”

“Do I need to repeat myself so you will understand, I pay attention then I simply ignore you. We would be amazing together, Amber. You have to know that.”

“If I was different, but I’m not. I’m just Amber, the one who has trouble becoming emotionally invested. You’ll wait forever for me, Ethan. Please don’t throw your life away on a dream.”

She’d already thrown hers away on a dream. She was so much like Ash, the Created who raised her from the age of six. It took her parents two years to come to terms with the reality that she was truly different. They finally conceded she was safer with Ash than she was with them. It was heart-wrenching when they moved away. Although she saw them every summer, she was well and truly tied to what was happening here. Moving her may have killed her.

They lived in sunny Florida; her mom loved it down there, no snow. She called her all the time. It wasn’t the same but it was what they had and she loved her mom for it.

That difference kept her from committing to Ethan. She was thirty-five and beginning to feel like her life was long over. The clock her mom always talked about ticking seemed to have stopped. The one male she wanted didn’t know she existed, but the rest of the men on her planet were keenly aware of her.

She asked Nicolas once if he thought she gave off some type of pheromone that attracted men to her. Nicolas was the family physician; he took over her health care when she was young not wanting the wrong doctor to get his hands on her. His reply was yes. It was his opinion all human women gave off a slight pheromone, and that it kept the population alive. But she, being a more advanced human gave it off in higher doses.

She stayed in the shower longer after that. It was hard to hear that she stank and men liked the smell. She gave a small shiver. Ethan came closer his eyes a little less focused.

“Let’s go,” she put on her coat, picked up her purse, and directed him to the door that was still standing open. Hopefully the fresh air would dispel whatever trance he was falling into.

The air outside was crisp and cool. There was a layer of newly fallen snow on the ground. She loved the sound of it crunching under her feet as they walked to his car. She lived in a condo with a door-man who kept an eye on here in order to make sure she made it to the car in one piece.

It was the only way she was able to move out of the house in which she grew up. Ash demanded she lived somewhere safe and he paid Charlie, George, and Paul, the three doormen for her building, well to make sure she was safe. They loved her and who wouldn’t love her, she had an over protective father who would do anything to ensure her safety. Exactly what was she complaining about again?

“Tell me about this great new restaurant you found,” she twisted in the front seat as she got comfortable.

“I think it’s been there forever, but I never noticed it before.”

Her mouth tightened, and her eyes narrowed.

“You don’t say, where is it located?” she tried to keep her words light.

“It’s on Mt. Washington. You have to see it, Amber. It’s spectacular.”

He was right, it was beyond spectacular not that he could see it in all its beauty. If she could breathe fire it would be coming from both nostrils. Very few people ever saw Dante’s restaurant. There was no reason for the man she was quasi dating to see it. Dante was up to something.

She, of all people, knew Dante always had a plan up his sleeve and something was making her think she wouldn’t like this one at all.

“Amber.” His voice was sensual, sliding over her like silk.


A shudder started deep in her body catching her off guard. His hand reached out to cover her leg making her gag a little at the contact. She gently removed it.

“Two hands on the wheel,” her cheerful voice came out with a squeak.

Was she the cause of this? Ethan was usually a perfect gentleman with her. She wasn’t ignorant, she knew he wanted to sleep with her, but she had been embarrassingly honest with him. He knew a few things that even her best friend didn’t know, in fact she thought of him as a best friend. That may have been the problem. If he was any other guy she would have cut him out of her life by now.

He turned into the parking lot in front of Dante’s. Parking the car distracted him from her, he was such a perfectionist and prided himself on his driving and parking skills. There was so much about him that was wonderful, she spent hours asking herself why she couldn’t just fall into his arms.

“Amber,” he reached over, taking her hands into his.

A shiver went through her body. A coldness started in the pit of her stomach working its way out.

“Look at how you shiver when I touch you. You want me, I know you do.”

His eyes were fully dilated. They were so big she might be able to fall right through them. He lowered his head to kiss her. She jerked free and turned to jump out of the car. Her heart was racing while her breath came out in pants. What was she going to do? The touch of her best friend sickened her.


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