Alien Destination – Excerpt unedited

Alien Destination – Excerpt unedited

Chapter One



‘Damn,’ Talia said to herself as she felt that now familiar icy feeling cutting through her brain, separating her from reality and uniting her with someone else’s version of reality for the second time in as many days. The darkness took over as all brain function slowed to a crawl and her body began to painfully morph into something new. Lights out.

Waking up after one had passed out was hard. Waking up from what was essentially death was a lot harder. Talia could feel her body functions coming online. She was breathing, she was sure of that. Slowly her higher reasoning skills were kicking in. If they were not she would be trying to run away as opposed to making her body lay still. Yes, this was good, the first this had happened fear had ruled her. It had not been a pleasant experience.

Silently before trying to open her eyes she sent up a request, a prayer really. Please let me be in a safe place. Not that she actually thought anyone was listening. If there had been someone to hear her this would have never happened in the first place. So although logic said she was wasting her time, she still sent up that prayer for help with an unwavering belief that one day it would be answered.

Opening her eyes she moaned in pain as the light hit them. She closed them fast and tight. Wherever she was it was very bright and her new eyes were sensitive to light. In the back of her brain she could feel that flight or fight feeling coming on strong. Knowing she had to move soon she brought a hand up to shield her eyes as she tried opening them again. Ignoring the move now or die feeling as much as possible, she opened her eyes more slowly this time. Looking up she saw what looked like fingers. She wanted to cry and scream in joy at the same time she had hands! Or what looked like hands she cautioned herself thinking back to the first time.

The thought of what had happened, the sheer terror of it was enough to make her curl in a ball and simply stop existing. Pushing that image away roughly she concentrated on moving, making sure that she lived. As she paid more attention to her surroundings, she realized there was a noise getting closer. She looked over her body noting that it was similar to her old one, but this one was huge. How could something so big move she wondered? But move it did slow and haltingly as she tried to drive her new body.

Aiming for a thicket of trees to her right she stumbled into them crouching, more like she fell to the ground in an attempt to hide, but she could still hear the danger that was coming her way. Lying flat on her stomach and looking through the thick vegetation surrounding the trees, she saw the danger come into view. It was big and black and did not touch the ground and it was loud. The sheer noise of it took her by surprise and made her want to do something to escape the pain of the sound attacking her ears, turning her brain to mush.

She gathered herself together in desperation with only one thought in her head. Attack! Make that sound stop. She pushed herself up until she stood on wobbly legs to launch herself at the big black mass when she was tackled from behind and forcibly held down. Talia’s only thought as she fought was to stop the ever increasing noise that was ripping her in half. Lights out.