It’s February. Nothing to really be excited about in my world if not for the anticipation. I really assigned release dates for the first three books in my Love Me Harder series.

Book one: Aran

Book two: Niko

Book three: Sergey

Book one is slated to come out in March and I have to admit I am excited. I have read it and reread it. I love it. Aran and Rena stole my heart. I was sure it was the best book I had ever written. Then I moved to the nest book of the series. Smile

Now I am going over Niko and I am loving it. If you have ever written or dreamed the story you wanted to read you will understand. The characters capture you and before you know it your totally invested in their world. You feel what they feel. Yeah that good.

Then there is Sergey, but I am keeping it under wraps for a while until my editor see’s it. I have a surprise in there for her!

The fourth book is coming alone nicely.

Update on faith

Its coming alone nicely. Its more intense and going a little slower than I would like, but it is going. I am waiting to read the finished product.

So anticipation is my word for February and may even extend into March.

Keep reading! Keep loving! Keep living!

I dare


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