Series: Love Me Harder, Book 3
Publication Year: 2015
Sergey has come from a different planet looking for a mate, trouble followed him. Lorali was the subject of a unethical military experiment. Together they realize that they may have a tomorrow if they can elude the military and the created after them
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About the Book

Sergey has become the forgotten brother when it comes to receiving a mate. With nothing left to do he has shouldered more of the responsibility of running the business. He’s contented to see his brothers happy.

Lorali has become used to the fact that she will never marry or even have a relationship again. She is constantly on the move staying ahead of the dark menace she feels breathing down her neck.

Her chance meeting with Sergey changes her life. She is faced with the realization that everything she ever wanted might be standing before her, if only she is brave enough to reach for it.

Nothing is ever easy as they both realize there are forces coming for them that are determined to stop them from being together. Are they strong enough to overcome the odds against them and claim the ultimate prize?

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