Aran – Alien Paranormal Romance

Aran – Alien Paranormal Romance

Aran – Alien Paranormal Romance
Series: Love Me Harder, Book 1
Publication Year: 2015
What happens when... A woman who has given up on meeting Mr. Right, but who never gave up on life Meets... A male who is not human? Fireworks, mystery and intrigue. Two lives that alone were average, become one. Suddenly they are facing life threatening plots, and best friends acting slightly haywire. Humor is every where and if everything goes well, love.
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About the Book

Rena was all about getting on with her life. She had given up on finding the right man for her. She  loved her unconventional job that allowed her to keep tract on on any activities at the corporation she worked for that might include embezzlement or targets against against the president ot the board of directors. The down side in her life was the fact that she was lonely.

Aran had spent years looking for the woman who could match him in strength and personality. Along the way he built Aran’s Dare a security that looked small on the outside, but had amazing contacts on the inside. With the help of his five brothers there was nothing thy needed except the write woman.

Rena was a woman with nothing to lose. Aran was a male with everything to gain. Read on to see what happens when these two come together to turn the world upside down.

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