Caden (The Wolves Den, Book 4)

Caden (The Wolves Den, Book 4)

Caden (The Wolves Den, Book 4)

Here ex wanted to sacrifice her

Sage’s ex-boyfriend was making plans to kill her and expected her to go along with it. He dogged her footsteps sending his minions after her when she managed to get free. She stayed one step ahead, always knowing she could falter. She sought escape in The Wolves Den where she met Caden. She wasn’t sure if she jumped out of the pan and into the fire, but she did know that Caden called to her on a different level. Caden never expected to have a mate. He didn’t think he was worthy enough until Sage walked in. He felt her the minute she crossed the barrier. Now he would do anything to keep her safe. All he needed to do was convince her to mate with him and get rid of the ex. Easy, right?
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First part chapter one


Sage pulled her coat closer making sure her ears and mouth were covered as she slumped down in the seat. The Greyhound was going back to Pittsburgh, the last place she wanted to be.

A shiver walked down her spine making her turn her head to the right before looking down the aisle. Wrapping her arms around herself, she slid even further down in her seat. She had been running for months with Jim, and his friends… minions… freaking animals dogging her steps. It didn’t matter what she did or how far she ran they kept getting closer, blocking off her escape routes. She had no other choice but to come back to where it all began.

He was going to kill her, and she knew it. Like a helpless fly, she dove headfirst into the spider’s web. She had started to think that people like her didn’t deserve to live. It went through her head like a mantra, but it wasn’t her voice. She felt invaded, violated, but there was nothing she could do.

She took her fist and began to pound on her head trying to stop the voice. She couldn’t ignore it. It wanted her dead; they wanted her dead. There were times she was sure it was just one voice, but at other times she knew there were several voices. She closed her eyes trying to get a few minutes of peace, but the symbol that haunted her dreams swam before her eyes. Did it have a name? She didn’t know, but whatever it was it meant death. Her eyes opened just in time to see the bus pull into the terminal.

Now was the reckoning, will she live another night or will Jim win?

She rubbed the sweat off her forehead. How could it be so hot on the bus when it was freezing outside? She shivered again this time because she didn’t feel well. She pressed her shoulders against the seat as she told herself to get it together. The only thing she could think about was trying to make it through the night.

She had called Fire to ask her to come meet her. Fire wasn’t a friend, not really. There was something about her that pulled Sage in her direction and it repulsed her at the same time. For a while, she had wondered if she was sexually attracted to her. That would make sense she reasoned. If she were attracted to her, that would draw her in, but since she was straight, she would be upset at herself. It didn’t take long to figure out that wasn’t the case.

She was as attracted to Fire as she was to Jim. Which meant not at all. All she felt for Jim was a coldness that circled her body and wouldn’t let her alone. The last time she made love to him. Was she still calling it making love? She felt like she had been invaded by an ice pick. When he was done with her, she was torn up on the inside.

Her gynecologist threatened to call the cops when she examined her. How long had that been? She was sure he would kill her the next time he invaded her body. How could she say no to someone his size? Fortunately for her, he seemed to have no more interest in her sexually until the night she ran away.

His interest hadn’t really been sexual. She was to be the sacrifice. Her mind shied away from the certain death she escaped that night. Seemed like everything came around again and this time there would be no escaping.

Unless Fire keeps her word, and she comes for us.

She beat against her head a little harder. What was this voice in her head? She never heard it when she was younger. It started talking a little over a year ago. She woke up one day, and a voice greeted her.  It said it was sleeping and was so happy to finally wake up. Then it made up insane stories and told them to her. The one thing she had to say about the voice was that it kept her entertained. Lately, other voices had joined the original voice.

It was enough to let her know she wasn’t normal. She stood and pulled her bag down from the overhead compartment. One look around the bus confirmed that she was the last person to get off. She couldn’t stall any longer, she placed the bag over her head and shoulder and walked towards the front of the bus.

The beat of her heart almost drowned out the noise around her. He had his minions somewhere in the terminal. They would come after her, and there would be nothing she could do.

Every thought told her to run, but they would chase. Instead, she went to the side of the bus and retrieved her single bag before walking into the bus station. Two men walked up to her on either side. They placed their hands on her as if they were old friends. Jim’s minions, her body shook as she stood frozen in place.

They weren’t human; she didn’t know how she knew that. It was impossible not to be human, but they weren’t. The look in their eyes said she would be dying tonight and they would enjoy every minute.

Series: The Wolves Den
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Fantasy
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