Colun’s Passion

Colun’s Passion

Colun’s Passion
Series: Alien Mates, Book 4
Publication Year: 2016
Colun spent a lifetime taking care of the young males he had been given responsibility for. With every day that passed, he put aside the desire for a mate of his own and threw his life into making sure his charges survived on an alien planet. Time passed, and they were all grown up now he was alone and lonely. Then he met Sara. Sara was a divorced mother of one who never seemed to have time for love and romance as she raised her child. She was willing to lie in the bed she made until she met Colun. He called to her emotionally and physically. Sara was having dreams of a possibly happy ever after until a chance encounter with a monster in the parking lot turned her life into kill or be killed. This book contains adult content. It is not intended for readers under the age of 18.
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She was standing in front of a store slightly bent over allowing her body to show off the perfect roundness of her rear. He licked his lips and felt one of his fangs. His fingers itched to touch her ass; he knew it would be soft. Swallowing hard, he tried to adjust himself. Forget about being hard as steel, right about now he could bend the stuff with his cock.

His eyes tried to travel up the alluring column of her back while taking in her legs at the same time. Colun had to give a small laugh. He definitely had to pick a direction. His eyes decided to climb up her lovely body first, appreciating the way her pants cinched around her waist, and the soft pink of the shirt tucked into the band giving him a surprising view of the small of her back. The desire to lick her there was overwhelming

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