Wasn't it illegal for any male to be that big?

Welcome to The Wolves Den where anything can happen. Safire spent her life trying to fit in. The only creativity or difference she allowed herself was her ability to paint. It all came to an end on her birthday when she realized that others didn't care how normal she was they were still willing to label her as the enemy. Declyn was waiting not so patiently for the one female that had the potential to steal his heart to walk back into his life. He never realized the danger that would come with her. Now they were racing against time not only to save her life but to save the life of a member of their Den. Not recommend for anyone under the age of 18
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There was a low growl that stirred her stomach and made her pussy spasm, any thoughts of the voice teasing her evaporated. Instead, she looked for the animal that made the noise and wondered how she could be reacting to it. The animal she found stood on two legs with mesmerizing green eyes that caught and held her.

Her throat worked trying to say the world help, but nothing came out. She was dry and in need of a drink.

She kicked all her doubts to the curb when she looked at him. Today she was going to do whatever felt right to her.

“What are you drinking?”

Her eyes watched his perfectly chiseled lips move and wondered what they would feel like on hers. Was this lust at first sight? She had seen men before that she wanted or thought she wanted, but this intense attraction was catching her by surprise. Her body betrayed her as her nipples hardened from nothing but the sound of his voice.

He was tall seven foot at least. His dark brown hair fell over his forehead not quit touching his eyes. His skin was on the gray side, some sun and vitamin D should take care of that. Not that it mattered he was so sexy he could be tinman gray, and she wouldn’t care.

Her tongue came out to try and moisten her lips, no luck. “Umm, something sweet with a kick.”

“I have just the drink for you.” He strolled behind the bar ignoring both Cole and Deja as he made her drink.

He placed it on the bar and slid it to her using two fingers. Out of the corner of her eyes, she could see her friend reach for her drink while her male caught her. Maybe she should go with something she knew?  Picking it up, she brought it to her nose taking a deep whiff of it. It smelled so good she had to try. She took a drink from it and moaned. This had to be the best-tasting alcohol in this club, and it had a nice kick that mixed with the heat in her stomach and made her want to climb the man in front of her. Would he want to come home with her?

“I love this. Can I have another?” She drained the glass and held it out.

“What’s your name?” He took the glass from her holding it in his hand.

“Safire, but my friends call me Fire. You can call me Fire; I’d love to burn you.”

Series: The Wolves Den, Book 3
Genre: Scifi/Paranormal Romance
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Mobi
List Price: 2.99
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