Gabe’s Destiny

Gabe’s Destiny

Gabe’s Destiny
Series: Alien Mates
Publisher: Serena Simpson
Publication Year: 2016
Length: Novel
This book can be read as a stand alone book. Gabe spent his life protecting his twin. Now that his twin is settled Gabe doesn't see a purpose for his life any more. Taya is being pursued by a madman that is making her life miserable. The cops think its just teens playing pranks but she knows better. Scared fro herself and her family she decided to run as far away as possible. When she get s there she realizes she's either been followed or in the cross hairs of another madman. Desperate and looking for a way out Taya meets Gabe. The two of them are both fighting the monsters from the past while they try to deal with the feeling happening between them. Each of them realized they may have a chance at happily ever after until it becomes apparent at least on of them has to die so the other can live. Now it's a race to grab every minute of happiness that they can because each id determined to die for the other. There's a chance for love that neither ever dreamed of but only iof the can both out smart the mind of a madman.
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About the Book

Book Excerpt

A branch from a tree swung making a noise; she looked around for an animal. Seeing nothing, she walked faster.

Footsteps sounded behind her. “This isn’t funny, show yourself!” she shouted.

Nothing happened. She picked up the pace turning it into a small jog. Dark clouds rolled in overhead making the woods scary and diminishing some of her vision. The path wasn’t paved and now she wasn’t sure she was still on it.

She ran, panting hard each breath filling her lungs until they burned. She had to get out of there ran through her mind followed by a gruesome news story of a woman found dead in the woods. She was the woman. Some poor hiker would discover her body and be traumatized for life but she would be dead. Her foot caught on something protruding from the ground and she fell, knocking all the air from her lungs. She made a strangled sound of pain as laughter seemed to surround her.

“Help,” she cried out. The only help she would get would be from herself. Pushing herself up, she realized her hands and her knees were skinned. She did the best she could do wiping them off and then started looking for the path again. She was definitely off of it.

No running, she told herself. She would miss the path and maybe even fall again. She took off at a brisk pace acting like she was a speed walker. ‘You’ll be all right, Taya.’ She spoke to herself. If she made it out of this alive, she was finding a new doctor as well as a new place to live.

She didn’t have a choice on the new place to live but she’d find somewhere she assured herself.

“I’m coming for you.” An eerie voice came through the trees.

She bit her lip. She would not be the stupid chick in the movies who got so frightened she ran right into the arms of the killer, although she now had sympathy for that woman.

She looked down the trail. Her heart was beating so fast she wanted to let tears of joy fall when she stumbled back over the path, there wasn’t time for that. She needed to get out of there. Her joy disappeared into despair when a large branch came out of nowhere and knocked her to the ground. She tried to stand and fell again. She could feel it coming closer whatever it was or whoever he was, was almost on her. Flipping over, she started to crawl. There was no way she was just waiting to be killed. Her heart was in her throat as she heard the whisper soft movements through the woods. She crawled faster and thought of trying to get up on her feet once again.

Curling her fingers around the slender trunk of a tree, she pulled herself to her feet. Her body swayed saying this may not have been one of her better ideas, but her desperation to get away was prodding her on. She grabbed a broken tree branch and used it as a walking stick.

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