Series: Alien Destination
Publication Year: 2015
Tori spent her life working on her dream of owning her own business as a wedding coordinator, just as her dream came true her best friend sabotaged it. Now she needed to run for her life. Hale spent his time lost in his virtual reality world until he met Tori. Danger stalked him and he swore to protect her even though he knew her plans were to leave the moment she knew she was safe.
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About the Book

Tori’s life was planned out, unfortunately with a couple of devious moves from her best friend her life fell apart leaving her holding nothing except the proverbial bag. Now she needed to run, because she was being chased and knew it even if she denied it. Burying her head in the sand wouldn’t keep her alive.

Hale knew where he was in a long chain f brothers, fifth was as bad as being last. He was protected, no matter that he was just as lethal as his older brothers. instead of fighting it he lost himself in the virtual worlds he created, until he agreed to become the best man at his brothers wedding. Meeting wedding coordinators was not what he signed up for, until he met Tori any protest he might have uttered died.

Tori wanted nothing more than to run, but the attraction to Hale was muddling her brain.

Hale wanted to lose himself in Tori and he would after he took care of the threats against her life.

Tori no longer believed in true friendship or love, but Hale was getting to her one gesture at a time. Could he be the one? She’d like to find out, if only she wasn’t the target of a mad man.

This book contains adult content it is not recommended for readers under the age of 18

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