Joaquin’s Saving Grace

Joaquin’s Saving Grace

Joaquin’s Saving Grace

He pressed on the gas and floored his car because he knew if he survived the night he was going back to the B&B, damn the consequences.

Everyone dies, but Grace's life would be over in a matter of days when she turns thirty. Joaquin's body was dying tearing itself apart, and there was nothing he could do but accept the inevitable. Neither wished to fight their fate until they met. A twist of fate took them from dying in each other arms to fighting to live. They have a second chance at love and happiness, but everything hangs in the balance as they fight the one thing that can keep them apart. Love conquers all but can it conquer deep-seated anger and wrath or will they succumb to the darkness around them?
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About the Book

Chapter One


Joaquin placed his foot on the gas taking the car up to seventy, eighty, ninety miles an hour. He took a look at the speedometer and pressed on the gas pedal again. When he was up well over one hundred, he looked at the black empty road ahead of him and wondered why. Why did he let the pain in his chest incapacitate him and the voice in his head taunt him?

Depression—that’s what the human doctors called it. They prescribed lots of medicines for him. He tore the scripts up and ignored them. There was no telling what human medicine would do to his particular biology. Having no other choice, he sought out the best two doctors in the universe.

Nicolas Dare and Damon A’rouk. Both called themselves Created, and neither of them was from this planet. They both told him the same thing, his body was at war with itself and taking a pill wasn’t going to help. They suggested he start by accepting what he was. Needless to say, he ignored them.

Now he was driving down the road to nowheresville wondering if after seeing all the joy back at the bed and breakfast if it wasn’t time for him to disappear for good.

Pain lanced through his heart and cut into his intestines reminding him that everyday his body held together it was a miracle. He shouldn’t exist; he was a freak of nature, someone’s sick joke. Although his mother never felt that way and his father doted on him before he died. Not that it mattered, he still grew up hiding who he was, keeping it all inside, knowing if his secret were to come out they may choose to kill him rather than accept the abnormality he was.

The cliff on the side of the road was steep. He pondered if he would survive driving over it at this speed. Considering his life, he probably would. Before he could think about it any longer, the prettiest pair of brown eyes he ever saw drifted in front of his face. She sat in the dining room at the B&B, hiding in the shadows as the other guest talked too loud and made inappropriate jokes.

Her eyes tracked him the minute he walked into the room and followed until he disappeared into the kitchen. He had wanted to talk to her, and that scared him. When Colun, his mentor was well, Joaquin packed up his bag and hightailed it out of there even though he knew she was watching him. Now here he was three weeks later driving aimlessly and contemplating his mortality. He pressed on the gas and floored his car because he knew if he survived the night he was going back to the B&B, damn the consequences.



Series: Alien Mates, Book 5
Publication Year: 2016
List Price: 2.99
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