Kore’s Angel

Kore’s Angel

Kore’s Angel

What happens when a human and an Angel shifter meets?

Eden was dreaming of happily ever after with her rich and handsome fiance when she got sick. Having gone to every doctor, she finally accepted the fact that she was dying. All she wanted now was to spend time with her fiance until she overheard him plotting her death. Now she was on the run, and he was coming after her. Kore wanted to spend his last days in blissful solitude until a chance meeting put Eden in his path. He had two choices save her life or let her die. Now they have a chance to be together if they can defy the odds and defeat the evil after them. For them, it may be a Merry Christmas after all.
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About the Book

Chapter one


Eden pushed up through the heavy layers of black fog coating her mind. She was sick her body whispered as it tried to get her to lie back down and forget the challenge of waking up. She pushed harder. There was a niggling at the back of her head telling her everything wasn’t okay.

You’re dying her helpful body whispered to her.

Fine, but she wanted to wake up before she took her last breath. Where was the light? Her hand slowly reached outside the cover. When had her cover become so thick she could barely move with the weight of it holding her frail body down? With an effort, she turned on her side and allowed her hand to reach for the lamp. When she saw only echoes of light, she realized her eyes were closed.

She opened them only to be confused. What was she doing in her grandparent’s room? Immediately she felt remorse at the thought. She loved her grandparents but as they got older they retired to this room almost never leaving it. In her young mind, this room became synonymous with the word death. Even now at the age of twenty-eight, this room sent chills down her spine.

She looked around wondering where her fiancé was. Marcus Keller was the bright light in her life. That niggling started again making her already chilled body shiver. She started dating Marcus several months before her parents died. Her father never liked him, but he wanted his baby girl to be happy.

She was happy with Marcus, wasn’t she? Using a little of the precious energy she had left, she managed to slide the heavy covers off of her. Her breathing became immediately better now that her chest wasn’t trying to lift the covers as it moved up to provide her air.

Her grandparent’s bed was a big four-poster monstrosity that made her feel like it was waiting to swallow her alive. Why was she in their room? Why wasn’t she in her wing? This was the family mansion; it spanned over 50 thousand square feet and was much too big for a single family. She had been planning to move, find herself something cozy maybe three or four thousand square feet, then her parents died. Suddenly she didn’t want to give up the only connection she had left with them.

Why wasn’t she in her room? Eden worked her way down to the bottom of the bed and grabbed onto one of the thick posts. It was the only thing that kept her from dropping like a rock to the floor. Her legs were so weak there was no way she was going to be able to walk.

One look down at herself made her frown. She was wearing a large, long white gown. She knew for a fact that she didn’t own anything like this. Could it have been her grandmothers? Was someone working on her fear of death by dressing her like this and placing her in this room?

That didn’t make any sense. The only one who knew how scared she was to sleep in here was Marcus, and he loved her. Right?

Of course he did. Reaching down she grabbed the nightgown by the hem and brought it up over her body. With all the energy she was expending she might not make it to the door, but she wanted to see her fiancé. It felt like forever since she had last seen him. Carefully she lowered herself to the floor and began to crawl to the door.

She was wearing a black bra and a black thong.  She wasn’t all that sure that either of them was clean, but she didn’t have a choice, for now, she would have to keep them on. Her heart rate increased as her breathing became shallow, but she still crawled.

The first time she showed signs of illness was in public. She had faltered almost falling on her face, but Marcus was there to catch her. He was the golden boy and her personal hero. He swooped her up in his strong arms and told her everything would be okay as he kissed her before the flashing lights of the cameras.

She had gone to every doctor imaginable and he was always at her side, but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. Eventually, she stopped going. How much time did she have left? She didn’t know, but she wanted to spend it in the arms of her beloved.

Clutching the leg of the chair sitting by the door she pulled herself up. On the back of the chair was a t-shirt. She smiled because it belonged to her. In big bold letters it read ‘What the “F” you looking at?’ Her dad hated the shirt, but she loved it. Most days it was how she felt when people examined her life like she was living in a fish bowl.

She slipped it over her head and reached out to turn the door handle before she carefully made her way back to the floor. Her mind was a little better now, and she could think. When it became inevitable that she would die, she told them to stop giving her the medicine. She wanted to be as clear-headed as possible in the end. So why did she have foggy memories of people giving her medicine when she was asleep?

Nothing made sense; she needed the loving arms of Marcus. He would explain everything and make her feel better. The memory of her trying to escape his touch came to mind, stopping her as she exited her grandparent’s room. Why would she fight her fiancé? Once again her mind clouded, refusing to allow her to see what happened.

Forcing herself to move, she started crawling down the hallway until she saw a light on in her grandparent’s library. No one should be in there. She forced herself to continue to move until she reached the door. She was exhausted; her body collapsed onto the heavily carpeted floor before she could open the door and announce her presence. Marcus’s deep voice emerged from the room. As soon as she regained some of her strength, she would push the door open. He would see her and pick her up, cuddling her to his body. He’d place gentle kisses on her lips and tell her everything would be okay.

That thought allowed her to lie in perfect contentment as she listened to him talk.

“She asked for her lawyer to come Friday,” Marcus said to the male she couldn’t see.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why? We can bring our lawyer. She’s so far gone she’ll never know.

That way she can sign her money over to me.”

“You’re not thinking. If Eden dies without marrying you, that Will will be contested in court by some cousin who just happened to pop out of the woodwork. You need to marry her before she sees a lawyer and then kill her.”

“Once I’m married to her why does she have to die? She’s a nice person. Too nice for her own good. I will have the money pay off my debts, and everyone will be happy.”

“What happens the next time you rack up close to a million dollars in gambling debts? Will she love you enough to cover the markers for you? If she doesn’t you’ll be meeting Killer on a dark street and that’s not his nickname because it’s what his mom used to call him. It’s her or you, but somebody is going to die.”

“I got it.”

Publisher: Ashlin Abbey Publishing,LLC
Publication Year: 2016
eBook Price: 2.99
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