Lazzar: The Kur’ik Minor Incident

Lazzar: The Kur’ik Minor Incident

Lazzar: The Kur’ik Minor Incident

Love was forbidden, the only question left was would they die for what they felt.

Lazzar was a created fighter, his only job was to fight, kill and die. He never questioned his life or his fat until he looked up and met a pair of green blazing eyes over a battlefield. Amira knew how her life was going to end in death. She fought hard to put it off each day until she saw him. His eyes captured her making her heart beat faster. Now she wanted more in life. Together they were going to grab whatever happiness they could because tomorrow may be their last. In the midst of their love they have to confront an enemy that wants them dead.
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About the Book

This is a short story that is a prequel to The Wolves Den.

Have you wondered how they got to Earth? What forced them there?

What was there life like before they got there and did they know what love was?

The message flashed on Declyn’s hand-held device. He read it more than once but had yet to acknowledge that he received it. Once again the controllers, the beings in charge of his battalion were screwing them over. How much longer could he allow this to happen? A hard laugh escaped his lips as if he had a choice. His only option was to fight and die.

That thought should have eased his mind brought his preconditioned training back to flood him with feelings of justification, but it didn’t. Instead, he was on edge as the ropes that bound him as surely as if he were tied up began to loosen and slip away. He was a created being; his mind had been programmed to understand that nothing was more important than following orders, all of this occurred before he was allowed to take his first breath. Nothing mattered except doing what the controllers demanded.

That conditioning was failing and what was becoming most important to him was his battalion, his crew, the beings that he had spent hundreds of planet rotations with. He cut off these new feelings that threatened to take him over and eased back into the programming that was familiar and comfortable. The controllers looked for brain waves that did not match the rhythm they had constructed. For the sake of his crew, he buried all thoughts except one.

The thought of throwing the device across the room teased him before he shut it down. Destroying the device wouldn’t save the situation. Easing himself back into his chair he stared at the view screen to where the planet they were now orbiting, Kur’ik Minor could be seen. The planet looked yellow from this vantage point, but not the hot yellow of the sun that it orbited around.

The door to the command deck opened but he didn’t turn his head. He knew who was coming to destroy his solitude, one of the few he would allow entrance to without them having to ask his permission.

“It’s going that well?”

Enzo was his beta; they were created one after the other, linked to work together as alpha and beta to handle the battalion they were given.

He held up the device for him to look at.


“You can say that again. How many planet orbits since we were last allowed to take a break from the fighting?”

“Five planet orbits where we have fought day and night.”

Every orbit consisted of 400 rotations around the sun, and they had been at war constantly without a break for all five of them.

Declyn straightened up. “Now they want to give half my battalion three days off while the other half sits on this ship with nothing to do.”

His fist clenched in anger as he fought the need to swap forms and allow his beast to talk for him.

Enzo nodded feeling the same anger his alpha felt. “What do we do?”

“I want all the females to go planet side. They are always the ones impacted by a situation like this.”

“What about the males?”

“I want fifteen hundred to go planet side.” He looked at Enzo waiting for him to speak.

“They’ll call it insubordination if they realize you have given almost seventy-five percent of the crew leave.”

“Who will count them? Will the born Kur’iks dare to sully themselves by touching a manufactured being? The horror, the shame.”

He bit his lip to keep from laughing at Declyn’s words. Unfortunately, he was too close to the truth. The controllers created them because they needed fighters, but they abhorred those same fighters.

“Are you going planet side?”

“No, and neither are you. I want all the principles kept on board.”

“Is there something I should know?”

“I have that feeling again the one that says something isn’t right, but I can’t put my finger on it. I want the ship gone over, check every circuit down to the emergency lights. If the ship needs repairs, I want it done before we find ourselves back on the outer rim. I also want the ship on priority entrance. No one gets on without me knowing about it.”

Enzo took a seat at one of the command centers and integrated with the ship putting into effect Declyn’s orders.

“I’ll go inform our people who can visit the planet.”

He gave a slow dip to his head. “Enzo, keep Ven close.”

“I’m going to collect him first.” He left the command deck leaving Declyn to wonder what was about to happen.


Series: The Wolves Den, Book 0
Genre: Scifi/Paranormal Romance
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