Series: Love Me Harder, Book 2
Publication Year: 2015
Niko has been watching and waiting for the right female to enter his life. Then he meets Dee who is ready for anything except a relationship. Dee has spent her life proving she is someone until she falls victim to the schemes of a mad man. Now everything has changed and time is running out. Can Dee and Niko find a happy every after when time is against them?
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About the Book

Niko has come from another part of the Galaxy with his brothers to makeĀ  life a new life on earth. Part of that life is to find the one women they believe is destined for them. After years of searching he meets Dee Jones. Certain that he has time he waits to be sure she is ready.

Dee lives a life on the outside that most would envy, but on the inside she is heading for destruction. When she is kidnapped and introduced to a real monster her path to destruction becomes a sliding slope she can’t avoid. She knows her time is near.

Niko realizes time isn’t his friend and the fight for a life with Dee is on. Will they be able to avoid the path of certain disaster or has time run out?

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