Tane’s Mate

Tane’s Mate

Tane’s Mate
Publisher: serena Simpson
Publication Year: 2016
Length: novel
Tane's life was dedicated tot he military until the day he woke up chained to a wall. They informed him his life was over and he was officially dead, now all he was good for was a test subject. Leza loved her life of solitude even if she felt like something was missing. The pain she lived with daily in her back, she didn't love. When her new doctor told her about a revolutionary surgery she agreed. She never planned to wake up tied to a bed screaming. Leza had become something out of her nightmares with only one agenda, bring in the bad boy the military lost. She finds herself drawn to Tane but his desire to kill her may prove to be a problem. Tane and Leza have to decide if they will work together to live and love or destroy each other for the sake of the assignment.
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About the Book


“I know you’re out there.” The voice that came from the car was distinctively feminine sounding.

Feeling his body twitch in response, he stopped. A quick check alerted him to the fact that the voice was affecting him. He filed that away to be examined later and reached for his objectivity once again. The woman in the car would probably die. Wrong place and wrong time.

“I just want to get to the other side of your land; it’s the quickest way to the highway.”

She had a death wish. Everyone around knew crossing their property was asking to be put out of your misery; even the local law enforcement stayed away from them. No one wanted problems.

“Say something, damn you.”

He could see her like she was standing in a patch of sunlight. She had pretty brown skin with wide eyes and a bow shaped mouth. Her body was slender with delicate hands. She was beautiful. Not that it mattered, she would still die. Pushing aside the strange attraction he felt for her, he went back to wondering why she would cross his land.

Killing her would be a waste, one of the animals that inhabited his body spoke. Once again his thoughts went briefly to the lab where he’d been tied down to a table. They said he volunteered—they lied.

We could mate her. Mate her or kill her? It had been seven years since he trusted himself around a woman. She would be better off dead than lying on his bed with his hand caressing her creamy brown skin.

No, he shook the thought of mating off. She would die. It was all he could do for her.

“Please.” Her voice shook as she looked from the car directly at him.

Impossible. She couldn’t see him not without special equipment. When he blended with the night he became the night.

“Don’t hurt me.” Her eyes closed and her head lulled to the side.

The scent of blood hit him. It would make putting her out of her misery easier he argued with himself. Instead of putting a bullet in her head and disposing of the body, he inched closer to the car. A look inside showed that she had already been shot. A bullet to the torso, he didn’t have to kill her, all he had to do was leave her lying there, and she would die on her own.


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