Tau’s Miracle

Tau’s Miracle

Tau’s Miracle
Series: Alien Destination
Publisher: Serena Simpson
Publication Year: 2015
Tau spent a life time fighting a war he couldn't win with a people that were too young to be much help. Then end was coming and survival at this point wasn't guaranteed. Just as he was about to give up he found Talia, the one person who could make a difference if she was willing. The better question was would he be willing to let her fight? Talia spent years trying to change her people until the day she woke in a body that wasn't hers on a planet she never saw before. She found herself in the middle of the war with only one thing to hang onto - Tau. Would he be enough - she had no clue, all she could do was fight to be with the only person she ever desired. Could she fight and survive the alien menace without losing the person who may hold the key to her heart? That remained to be seen. This book contains adult content it is not recommended for readers under the age of 18
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About the Book

Tau has spent his very long life without a partner, all he has is the males that surround him – the ancients.

Talia has lived a life of sameness with no color or joy. She spent years trying to fit into an existence she wasn’t meant for.

Fate or another source rips her away from what she knew and places her on a collision course with Tau. Now they are racing against time to stop the aliens that have invaded the planet they are on.

Everything rest on their choices not only their lives and potential future, but the lives of the planet

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