Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Rin insisted she take her car and that they go to a public place. She didn’t want Jay to get the wrong idea. That brought a bitter laugh to her lips. She wasn’t concerned about Jay she was concerned about herself already she was to invested in this case. Saber and her beautiful eyes made Rin want to slay demons for her. Jay and his muscular body with the sad eyes mad her want to defend him against any other world specter. She was much too involved in this case.

They decided on Italian which is how she came to be sitting on the inside of the bench next to Jay as Saber sat across from them looking like her every dream was about to come true.

The waitress came to take their order; she was young with black hair and green eyes. She smiled at both Jay and Saber, but when she looked at Rin, her eyes switched to black just long enough to let her know that she was a specter. Not intimidated Rin allowed her natural appearance to show. The young woman blanched and moved quickly away.

On the specter planet, there was a natural order of things and the more powerful you were, the more respect you commanded. Almost like on Earth except for one major difference. On Specter, if you killed the weak no one blinked. They should have stayed far away from you.

“Rin, what do you do for a living?” Jay gave her an intense look as if whatever she said would hold his attention.

“I work for Specter’s Inc. Helping people to deal with their other world problems.”

Jay blanched for a minute as Saber turned big eyes to look at him. He gave her a slight nod no with his head and took a hasty sip of his water.

“What’s your problem, Jay?” She asked him carefully hoping to get some more information.

“I don’t have one.”

“Alright, I won’t pry, but I see people with problems all day long. I can spot them with my eyes closed.” She wasn’t lying she could see aura’s when her eyes were closed, and an aura with a specter problem gave off a slightly different color. The color Jay was giving off.

Their waitress came back with their dishes and refilled their drinks before she quickly left keeping an eye on Rin.

Jay took a bit of his meal before pushing it aside. “There’s nothing you or anyone else can do for me even if I had the money to hire your firm.”

He lowered his head for a minute until he felt his daughter’s hand laid over his. The smile he gave her was loving.

“If you’re up for it I’ll give you a dinnertime story.” His lips tilted in a crooked smile making her heart beat pick up.

“I’m up for it,” she said as she made herself calm down.

“There was a time I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I was drifting from day to day some days not even sure if I would see the next day when I met alisia. She was beautiful, too beautiful I should have known, but I didn’t.”

He stopped to take a bite of his food and look at Saber. Her eyes were big as she looked at him, Saber knew the story. She had to for him to keep her safe, but it still didn’t sit right with him.

“Alisia talked about our grand future together. The children we would have and all the great things we would accomplish as a family. Soon I could see her vision. That’s what made me decide to pursue my interest in becoming a firefighter. She wanted me to become a doctor, but I had no interest in medicine although I tried to get her to go to school for it. I would have paid for her education once I was established.

I waited until I could afford to buy her a ring then I took her out to a fancy restaurant and after dinner, I went down on one knee and asked her to marry me. I was working my way up in the station house, and I could see myself settling down having a beautiful family to come home too and it was all because of her.”

Jay reached out and caressed Sabers cheek the smile he gave her was filled with love and hope.

“I guess that what makes what happened next to unbelievable at first. She flew into my arms a tear rolling down her cheek, yes coming from between her lips. The whole restaurant was clapping, and I thought I was going to get my happy ever after.

When we got to our car, she pulled the ring off her finger and handed it back to me. That’s when she confessed she was a specter but not one of the crazy, bloodthirsty kind. She came here because she was to fit in find a man to love and have a family. I was a little thrown off I hadn’t expected that in fact, in the whole time we had been dating she seemed completely human. Then she gave me that look like she might burst into tears in any moment because she was sure I was going to reject her. I should have rejected her but even today I can’t find myself being sorry I entered into a contract with her.”

Once again his eyes were on Saber letting her know he loved her.

“At first, everything was fine, and then she got pregnant. That’s when everything began to change. Our bright, happy household seemed to grow darker every day. She began to talk about death and the joys of it. I became more concerned over time; one day I came home early the way she had acted that morning was making a warning in the back of my head go off. I found her in the kitchen trying to cut Saber out her stomach.”

His throat worked as his teeth ground together and his fist curled up with the need to hit something. Saber slipped out of her seat and crawled into her father’s lap placing her arms around his next until he was able to calm down.

“I had her placed in a hospital under round the clock observation until Saber was born. Soon after the birth of our daughter she left saying that she would be back one day, and I would regret it. We could have been happy forever but now…” Jay stopped and shivered.

“You need to eat sweetheart.” He stood and took her back to her seat sliding in next to her while he made sure she ate.

“On Sabers third birthday we got the news that her mother died. I thought it was all over, but it was just the beginning. It seems death is nothing but a doorway to her. She says she’s a Vamos. She told me that she thought here on Earth she could escape what she was called to be, and she did until she got pregnant. I believe her. Whatever she is now isn’t what she was when I first met her.”

“What does she want?” Rin watched as Saber laid her head on her father’s stomach and closed her eyes.

“Me. Alisia believes that we can still be a couple. I just have to cross over to the other side, and all we have to do for that to happen is sacrifice our daughter.”

“Most Vamos want to kill their children for power,” Rin said watching Jay closely looking for an expression on his face.

“Saber didn’t inherit her Vamos gene or whatever it is that makes her a Vamos. So killing her wouldn’t make Alisia more powerful, but it will give her me.”

“My assumption is that you are not for this happening?”

Jay looked at her with an expression on his face that asked if she was crazy or did she think she was funny.

“I have no desire to see my child dead or to see myself dead. Alisia is no longer the woman I fell in love with, and I want nothing to do with her.”

Rin watched as Jay paid the check looking around the room to catch the specter of death. The coldness that went through her meant one was near. Was it Alisia or someone else?

She smiled even as she looked at Saber this case just became harder because there was no reason at all for Sabers mother to keep her alive when all she wanted was Jay.