Chapter One

Chapter One

Chapter One

Rin walked into the offices of specter’s Inc. their motto was you have trouble we have the answer. The offices were located in a swanky high rise on the eighteen floor. The windows were floor to ceiling glass. She walked into a small waiting room that looked like it came straight from a business catalog. It held the most comfortable chairs along with little side tables and entertaining magazines.

On the wall was a flat screen that showed some of the situations that the team handled. They were all edited for discretion and lack of blood. People liked to think these problems were handled with ease, and her team allowed them to keep their illusions. The waiting room was empty, so she took off to the back office where she heard the laughter coming from.

There was a conference room where they brought potential clients. It looked like it could have been in any board room. With the large table surround by chairs in the center. The walls were done in a soft white, and there were even phones in one corner. It was all part of the illusion.

The real work happened behind the scenes. She stopped to knock on Hawks door; he was the one in charge.


The whole team was in the office. They stopped laughing when she came in making her feel uncomfortable for a minute. She looked down at herself. Black skin tight pants, kickass boots and a shirt that pulled tight over her chest but showed no skin. Yep, this was her usual outfit. She reached down and pulled a knife out of her boot wondering who she should cut first.

The males on her team roared with laughter. There were five of them. She was the only female on the team. Sometimes female rights sucked.

The lights were dimmed in here because they all had sensitive eyesight that could see you several miles away in the dark if they were looking. The office was a conglomeration of mismatched furniture. When they first came together, they were more prone to fight each other than take on the specters trying to take over the world. Now they were more tolerate of each other. One might even call them friends. The walls were a dark brown, and the windows were tinted to protect their eyes from the bright sunlight.

“All right who am I going to cut first?” They all gave her an innocent look that she wasn’t buying for a second.

“Put the knife away. We were just contacted about a case, one we all believe you would be best for.”

Rin looked around the room trying to figure out what the joke was. They never agreed on who should take a case. The nerves on the back of her neck were tingling.

“Where’s the info on it?” She grabbed a chair and sat close to the large screen on the wall.

“It’s sensitive we had to get rid of it. The meet will happen tonight at a playground on Wallersby.” Rickard smiled as he gave her the address.

“Why a playground?”

“It was the spot the client chose. Her name is Saber Collins, and she will meet you there after you collect the hit.”

Specter’s Inc. was a group of otherworldly Merc’s making the world better one assassination at a time.

Rin looked around the room sure she was missing something before getting up to leave. Having an assignment meant she didn’t have to sit around and play nice with the others.

“Have fun,” Hawk called before they broke into laughter again.

They were assholes, but they knew it, so it was useless for her to waste her time on them. She would go home to catch a few hours’ sleep since she spent the night running her perp down. Now he was a dead perp, the family he haunted like he was a ghost would be able to sleep tonight in peace.

She slipped a pair of sunglasses over her sensitive eyes as she walked out of the building. In the sky above her was a lavender strip. That’s what allowed the other worlders to come to the earth. The earth suffered from a collision from a meteor that ripped part of the sky surrounding it apart. The other world suffered from the same meteor at the same time. It caused a ripple that allowed them to come to the earth.

No one would have guessed the worlds were so different from each other.

Rin got into her car and headed home. She needed that sleep.



The playground had the first layer of darkness covering it. Rin looked around for any signs of life hiding but couldn’t pick up any life forms. It was fall there were a few mounds of leaves, but they didn’t so much as blow in the wind.

Cautiously she walked over to the swings.  What she was looking for, her orders for the next assignment would be buried by the front of the pink swing.

She shook her head. Instinct told her to leave this assignment, walk away while she still had a chance. She was never good at paying attention to herself. To be on the safe side, she cased the playground one more time before she squatted in front of the swing and dug up her next assignment.

Opening it up her mouth dropped while her eyes couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The payment was in a small plastic bag. She counted it again. Yep, it was twenty-five dollars in singles, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. She wanted to storm back to the office to confront Hawk, but she was curious now, so she opened the hit.

Written in crayon was a note. My name is Saber, and I want you to kil my momy. Shes alrady dead but she makes my dady cry every night. My dady says she evel. Plese a sas in ate her.

Rin fell on her ass. Some mothers were truly evil; no daughter should have to spend her allowance on getting her mother killed.

“Will you do it!”

A little girl popped out of a mound of leaves making Rin’s heart beat triple. She was the smallest little thing she had ever seen, but to be honest Rin wasn’t used to seeing children.

“Hi, my names Saber. Will you kill her so my daddy can stop crying at night.”

“Shouldn’t you be home?’

“Uh huh but I’s sneaked out. Daddy will be mad. He’s scared she will get me, but I had to get us help. He says he can’t afford help, so I pulled all the money I had from when I used to get an allowance and gave it to you. Please, you have to help us.”

Rin took Saber in. She was wearing jeans that had seen better days with a princess top, probably her favorite. She had the prettiest brown skin with the bluest eyes and hair that was strawberry blonde. She was a mix of other world and human. Her little bow-shaped mouth poked out and Rin’s heart, the one physically encased in ice, felt like it was melting.

No, no she panicked. She didn’t do charity. No cute kids or sad dad’s she was a stone cold bitch, and that’s how she liked it.

“Listen kid—”

“Saber, where are you?” a deep masculine voice called.

“Please, please you got to help us. You’re my last hope.” Her voice whispered loudly before she moved away.

Rin merged into the shadows to watch.

“I’m over here daddy.”

Her father ran to her falling to his knees. “How, many times have I told you not to wander away from the house young lady. You were supposed to be in bed sleeping. I checked your room…” his voice broke as he hugged her close.

“I’m sorry it won’t happen again. Don’t cry I’m ok. It’s all going to be ok.” Saber said into her father’s ear wiping the tears away from his face.

He stood up with her in his arms. Placing a kiss on her cheek he turned towards home. Saber looked at her finding her in the darkness with no problem. Her lips move silently as she once again said, “Please.”

Rin knew she was in trouble as she watched the male walk away. He was tall maybe six-eight with reddish tints in his blonde hair. Those eyes had pierced her, and his lips that grazed over Saber’s cheek were so sexy all she wanted to do was feel them on her.

Her heart was still beating in triplicate, and her body was shaking. She should walk away, but she wasn’t going to. Saber bought her services for twenty-five dollars in change. Wouldn’t Hawk hit the roof when he found out?

She walked away pretending the smile on her face came from images of Hawk going ballistic and not of Sabers daddy.