Cole: The Wolves Den book two is live

Cole: The Wolves Den book two is live

Jessie lived in a world of fear, but that didn’t stop her from pretending nothing was wrong. She may have pretended her whole life until her mother threatened her daughter Mia. Now everything was changing, and she’s running to save Mia’s life. She wanted to leave the city, leave the country but her feet took her to the only place she had a chance at survival, Cole’s arms.


Cole knew that wanting love or a family was a death wish. He was no longer a pawn in the hands of the controllers, but freedom was something he hadn’t embraced. It took Jessie and Mia walking into The Wolves Den to shock his heart back to life. Now he wanted that family with them, and he would do anything it took to get that chance.


Cole was coming face to face with the desire o his heart. In order to win Jessie’s love, he would have to be honest with her and hope she could handle the truth. Jessie was keeping secrets of her own. How could Cole love her if he knew the truth?


While they worked out their future Mia was changing into something Jessie might not recognize, and the cold hand of death was reaching out for her.


If Mia were going to survive, Cole and Jessie would have to work together to keep her alive. Now they would have to realize that their love was big enough for them all.



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