Dev’s Mate is live

Dev’s Mate is live

#Shifter #Military #ontherun

Dev was military until they locked him up and used him for experimentation. When they finally made him a shifter, what made them think he wouldn’t escape? Now he was running for his life. He was never going back no matter what they tried to do to him.

When a man escapes what can bring him back?

Rissa was in hiding living her life on the down low until the military abducted her. They made her into a shifter and sent her after a certain male. She was running and confused until she met Dev. Now the last thing she wants is for him to be hurt in any way.

If they want to be together, they’re going to have to¬†outsmart the military and her past. The task looks impossible, but they refuse to give up because the reward of outsmarting them all is love and a life together. The only thing Rissa and Dev want.



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