Writing can be accomplished in a multitude of ways and genre’s. I think we learn early that we can write almost anything. We also learn early that the best writing is the one that earns us an “A” in school. That writing is done exactly how the teacher wants it and not necessarily how you may have wanted it.

Recently I took a good look at some of what I write for myself and what I write to publish. To be honest what I write for myself is really really good. So I had to ask myself what is the difference. I hated asking that question because I knew I would have to face the answer.

No one will ever see what I wrote for myself. This means I am not worried about being judged or made fun of. No, not by the world as a whole, but by family and friends who suddenly see me as human instead of the mom who can do anything.  They would see the human woman instead of the one who works like crazy to make ends meet and always has time for her child and so much more. I want to be seen as human but not condemned for being human.

So I wrote my next story the one that will come out after Zenna as a story that I would write for myself and edit for others. The working title is Alien Destination I sure I hope I change it soon. When will it come out? Not sure. My editor does it because she wants to not because she is paid. Yep I love her.

So I called this directions because no matter who you are (especially if you’re me) do everything to the best of your ability without fear of what others will say. Here’s the thing I ¬†have come to realize they all live their lives without wondering what you think.

Live well, play hard and be true to yourself

I dare you!



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