Gabe’s Destiny is live

Gabe’s Destiny is live

Gabe’s destiny is live on Amazon.

Gabe is a refugee from another planet and he can’t go home. He has grown up on Earth doing his best to protect his twin. Now that is twin is soul-bonded and happy, Gabe feels like he serves no purpose. He’s ready to rest, maybe permanently.

Taya has been fighting the ghost of the past when someone targets her. She tries to get help from the police but they believe its the pranks of teens who will soon grow bored.She knows better the world is filled with monsters that only she seems to be able to see. Not knowing what else to do she runs as far from her home as possible. Its not until she stops running that she realizes who ever was chasing her has found her.

When Taya meets Gabe dreams she use to have come back to the surface but she knows a relationship isn’t in her future. As they grow closer together they begin to realize that one of them will have to die for the other to live.

Together they fight for a future together even though it seems like it is impossible



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