Happy 2k15!

Happy 2k15!

I hope everyone had a Happy New Years. Wishing everyone the best year ever!

My 2015 work schedule. I have finished Tau the first book in my Alien Destination Series. It will go through one more edit, mostly because I am anal!

I started the second book in the series Jan 1st, smiles!

I have also completed Aran and Niko. Book one and two in my Love Me Harder Series. They just need to be edited.

So the start of a good year I hope.

After I write book three in both series I will turn my attention to Faith the second book to Hope. I have some interesting plans for that so if you read the first the second will be so much greater.

For everyone who has taken a chance on my books or even looked at my website THANK YOU!

My goals for 2k15 are to be better and greater.

Happy reading to all.

Do something great. Do something different. Do something cool.

I Dare




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