Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

I want to say Happy Father’s day to all the men who work all year round to raise happy healthy children. It’s not easy and you deserve the day. I want to say Happy father’s Day to all the men who struggle all year round with the children who are difficult. Those who make you want to beat your head against the wall then turn around and they turn around and do something that steals your heart again. No matter what kind of child you have if your in the ring doing all you can Happy Father’s Day. If you gave up the good fight it’s not to late! Happy Father’s Day!

For all my Fathers and Mothers who love their fathers or husbands or are simply acting as fathers every day i wanted to give you a treat if your a Created fan. This spur of the moment, hope you enjoy.

Brook opened her eyes amazed that she slept all night through. Turning over she reached out a hand to touch Ash but his side of the bed was empty. Not just empty—cold. Standing she grabbed her robe and went to the bathroom. At least she no longer waddled.

Afterwards she stepped out the room and walked down the hall peeping into the room that was closest to the master. The walls were done in a light blue—her favorite color. On the walls were pictures of all Ash’s brothers each on in beast form. She shook her head but Ash insisted. Along with their pictures were pictures of the stars and different planets as well as pictures of Brook.

Every stage of her pregnancy had been captured. Even the Ash I think my water has broken. He wanted their son to know he had a real mother something Ash never had.

She looked to the crib, only to find it empty. Turning to look at the side of the room a smile covered her face. They already had a small bed for their son. Again Ash, he wanted to be prepared. Her mate was lying on the bed his leg’s dangling over it. He was shirtless the muscles in his chest looking huge with a small child curled up against them. His hand was placed firmly over the little one’s back so he couldn’t fall.

A small tear slipped out of the corner of her eye as she saw them together. Father and son, there was a time she couldn’t imagine that. Now every dream she ever had was lying there in peaceful slumber. Ash’s red eyes opened and he gave her such a genuine smile of greeting that once again her heart turned over. The love he felt for her still had the power to humble her.

He stretched his hand out for her, with quiet steps she walked over to him sitting on the floor next to the small bed. She placed her hand on her son and laid her head against her mate’s chest.

This is what she dreamed of and Ash—he was the perfect father.


Brook woke up not knowing where she was for a moment as the dream slowly came back to her. She placed her hand over her abdomen. Was it just a dream or was it a look into the future. She turned to look at Ash, he really would make the perfect father. She snuggled in his arms knowing it was time to talk to her sisters.


Love the men in your life!

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