Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s day to all the Mother’s out there. Happy Mother’s day to all the people who have ever taken the time to mother someone. I hope that this is a great day for each and everyone of you.

My day started last night when my teen said mom can I give you what I made you right now? I will never get any sleep if I don’t. Sorry it was all I could do. The she questioned if my birthday and mothers day would ever be on the same day.

Funny my saying no did give her some relief. I told her it was a good thing too, if they were ever on the same day I would wake up expecting a Jag to be sitting in front of the door.  She made me a card that had me laughing, then she handed me a letter that made me cry. Yeah #best mothers day ever. I would like to share the last part of the letter.   It is my wish for every mother.

My teen wrote:  Mom I know I’m not easily taken care of, but the way you so effortlessly and flawlessly continue to love me is the way love should be.

Today may every mothers heart touch a child’s heart.

I Dare.


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