It’s March!

It’s March!

Welcome to March! I hope you are as giddy as I am. Soon I anticipate the ground no longer being covered with snow. That thought is enough to bring tears to my eyes. We have been having one heck of a winter up my way.

Ok on to the really great stuff. Aran is coming out at the end of this month and I can barely hold my excitement in. I love Aran, he is strong, dominant, and an alpha to his core. He is also loving, sweet, and swoon worthy.

If it were just Aran that would be enough of a reason to be excited. But he meets Rena who is Alpha in her own way. She has the biggest heart, but is unwilling to be walked on or to settle for less than she deserves.

The two of them burn up the pages.

Come get to know them. Along the way you will meet Rena’s best friend and Aran’s brothers’. There are surprises and laughter, mystery and life threatening moments. Come along on their journey of suspense and love.

For an early look at the cover  visit my website.

Available the end of March.


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