It’s May and I am excited!

It’s May and I am excited!

Lots of good things happen in may, one of those things being my birthday! Yeah me.

Another of those things has been the start of the fifth book to my series. Yes that means book three and four are already written. Book five on the other hand was giving me problems, but now it has fallen into place. Whew wipes away the sweat.

My daughter is in New York with her school having loads of fun. I am so happy for her, but yeah I miss her! She sent me a pic last night, they were in Times Square at midnight and there was a person dressed up like a baby! It was rather amazing I was like what is that! She was laughing ‘mom you have to figure this one out on your own!’ All I could do was laugh with her. There is a definite joy in being young!

So besides my birthday, Sergey is coming out this month! Now I was thinking to myself wouldn’t it be nice if Sergey was out for my birthday? Kind of like a birthday present to myself. Then I realized that would kind of be a tight time line, but I may be up to it. So Sergey may be out for my Birthday! If he makes it out on a certain great day, you will know it. Either way look for him this month.

Keep reading! Keep laughing and loving!

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