Kore’s Angel is Out

Kore’s Angel is Out

A Christmas Romance

Snow is falling, and the world is holding hands and singing songs, but Kore is alone in a home that he thinks he will one day die in. Every day his sanity grows a little less reliable. He knows the only thing that can save him is a mate, but all the female angles were killed years ago. It is now his fate to die alone.

She was stuck in a body that wouldn’t respond to her. The doctors told her she was dying from some rare disease. Lucky her. All she wanted to do was be held in the arms o the man who said he loved her. Instead, she found out he was the one killing her. All she could do was run but who would be able to save her.

A chance encounter when her car went over the ravine brought her face to face with Kore, her personal angel. She didn’t have, much time left and together they would have to defeat the man trying to kill her and find a way for their hearts never to be separated again.


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