My 2014 lessons

My 2014 lessons

Do not write for the world, your parents or even your children.  Hmm guess I should start at the beginning. Finding out that there was a place I could expose my writing to the world was the most wondrous thing I had heard in a long time.

I gleefully went to my keyboard and started to write. Nirvana. All the stories in my head now had a place to go. Then I started to think! I started to censure myself. What if my mom read this? What would she think about me?

What might my sister think? Would they think I was perverted if I wrote a love scene or crazy if he actually died (I.E. he was killed). Then there was my editor and beta reader. She’s my friend!

So I wrote the friendliest things I could write. To tell the truth I am happy I did that. It gave me a chance to think and eventually grow.  Eventually I learned to write for myself and to hopefully edit for the world.  And what do you know the voices in my head came back when I wrote what I liked.

The above was personal growth, now comes growth as a business.

I started two series and I loved them and was so happy until I went to write the second book in both series. My next book, Faith, in the other world protection series killed me. I wrote it, got several thousand words into it and trashed it. I did this four times until I put it to the side.

I wrote the the second book to Thea’s homecoming and gave it to my editor. I was so happy with it. Great character development, but I knew it had a problem.

Finally she said I love the character development. Fist pump, but they are still not together. Keep reading I said. So she did. Again we talked and she said they are still not together. My reply, this isn’t going to work is it? Nope.

I took it back, now it sits waiting for me to get back to it. I was devastated and I pulled out something I had started years ago. I decided I needed to write so I might as well write for myself. When I was done I edited it and gave it to my editor who smiled. She liked it.

Which brings me to a word of wisdom for my life. Have more than one book in a series written before you call it a series.

When I finished the book above I immediately started a second book in a different series. I realized that I seemed to need to work on two different series and there was nothing wrong with that. At least not for me as long as when I finished the second book I started the next book in one of the two series I was writing and I did that.

This is common sense and I am sure all of you will never do what I did. Make sure when you write the first book you can write the second. My problem, I am a different person than when I wrote them so finding a bridge was hard.

I found the bridge from hope to faith and like everything else it showed up as a voice in my head one day and demanded I write it down! Life  can be grand.

I hope you learned something in 2014 whether it be small or large.

My the Lord bless you all in 2015.

Make a change for the better next year.

I Dare




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