My nightmare

My nightmare

On my birthday, last year my daughter gave me a box of prompts. Recently she told me I hadn’t been doing them, so I decided to do a few and put them on my website. They will be very short stories. I will post the prompt then the story. Tell me what you would have done with the same prompt

Prompt: You get to create a dream (or a nightmare) and give it to someone. What do you create and whom do you give it to?


Sometimes there is nothing scarier than a snake. The original animal that tempted Eve and turned our lives into a living nightmare except that man seems to have made peace with the snake.

He could have done anything to me, embarrass me, show nudes of me around. He could hurt my heart or cheated on me, and I would have taken it with all the stoicism that I take every other insult that was dealt out to me. Why? Because I was made that way.

Be gracious Thea they say to me. Forgive Thea I’ve been told more than once. Vengeance is mine they quote to me almost every day. In the end, I smile, I give a royal wave because I am royalty and I go on to rule my kingdom with very few battles. I know how to bite my lip. I know how to handle a nasty word or comment. Kill them with kindness my mother would say to me, then she taught me how to do exactly that. I can cut you down while I am smiling and make you wonder where the blood is coming from.

Never once have I regretted the abilities I learned at her hand until him. He came with his pretty eyes that sparkled aqua, I had never seen anything like that before. He wasn’t buff, but he was pretty, and his smile captured my heart. His beautiful words made my head spin with the possibilities of the future.

Everyone around me could see him for what he was but I couldn’t. I was the next Queen, ruler over everything I see, and he was vying to be my consort. I could see the world laid out at our feet and my heart would race with possibilities. He would come to the royal dinners to eat and then dance with me in the moonlight. The kingdom would know such joy with him united at my side.

I defied the world for him the day I made him my consort only to find out several months later that he was cheating on me. I kept the pain inside and took it as the next queen should with my head held high and dignity on my side.

There was no more joy for me until my hand touched my abdomen that held a new life, the next queen. I would not, could not hate him because of the gift he had given to me.

The day she was born was the day I lost my heart. Her beautiful eyes were bronze, and they glowed as she looked at me, and I knew that I would do anything for her.

Life settled down, and I was set to endure a loveless union and raise my child until the day I rounded the staircase to find him abusing the one thing I loved in this world. The fear I felt almost tore me apart but I remember my lessons, and with a smile, I rescued my child. I couldn’t sleep that night as anger boiled hot in my belly taking me over. I knew I should ignore it do what I had always done but he made a fatal mistake he touched the one thing that was mine.

The next night I began to plan. The power that I inherited had always been used for good to better the kingdom but no more. I couldn’t channel my power into the Earth because there was nothing but bitterness and hatred in my heart.

I reached out calling on the snake I watched as it slithered across the garden. Without a care in the world, I reached down and enhanced it. I took the poison that it would use to kill and twisted it until it met my needs.
I enhanced it and watched as it not only became bigger and slyer until it was ready to carry out my orders. With sadness and joy I sterilized it so that it would never pass on the brand of evil it was becoming, then I set it lose.

It followed my consort every day until it found a way to sink its fangs deep into his leg. Then the snake did that five more times until it died clinging to his upper thigh. The first night I heard him scream I smiled and turned over in my bed to sleep peacefully.

Royal healers were brought in for my consort, and I didn’t protest I simply watched them as each shook his head in confusion. His eyes no longer sparkled and his smile was long gone. He began to rant at meals that I was the cause. Of course, he was right, but I chose not to tell him so.

Soon he began to scratch at himself and talk about the snakes that slithered over him. He saw them in his dreams they spoke to him about the pain of abuse and the of retribution. No longer did he cheat on me not that I cared. All I cared about was my child.

A rumor started that anyone that dare to lay a hand on mine would suffer a fate worse than death. Now he resides in the royal dungeons unable to do anything but call my name and ask for forgiveness. I still believe deserves what he got and to heal him would be foolhardy.

Today my child placed her arms around me and kissed me on my cheek. Was it worth it? Yes. I give a warning to my next consort, you take your life in your hands if you mess with mine.