Nicolas Is out!

Nicolas Is out!

Nicolas is out on Amazon!

Nicolas was to busy taking care of his brothers and their mates to voice his desire to be mated. He stood silently and did what was needed for the good of the family. Some days the need of the one become more important then the need of the whole. He pushed it down as he kept going never showing the turmoil he felt inside. As the tainted created crept closer and each mate was put in jeopardy, he gave up on the one thing that would set him free – until he saw here. Then lost her.

Janis wanted to change her life, but the knowledge that anything she did would bring unending pain kept her sitting still – until the night she was brutally attacked. Everything changed. Was it for the better? That was still to be determined as she went on the run with the one male that seemed to be her secret desire in the flesh.

Can Nicolas afford to find a mate with the chance she may die? Can Janis afford to trust that someone could accept her like she is? Is love possible between them? They may find out if they can stay alive long enough.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

All honest reviews are appreciated and of course I love to get e-mails from you!

Live, Love and enjoy the summer!

Romance with a twist


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