Pre-Made Book Covers – Part One

Pre-Made Book Covers – Part One

This three part series will cover some of what I have learned about pre-made cover options. I am doing this because when I started looking for a cover for my e-book I quickly learned my budget would not get me far.

In my perfect world everyone would have the cover they have spent hours, days and maybe months dreaming about. Unfortunately this is not my perfect world and you still need an e-book cover.
If you listen to some of the popular podcast that cover topics of writing and self-publishing I am sure you know how essential a cover is. You have probably even heard some ad reads that have made you run off to check out different e-book design companies.
You may have been disappointed when you realized just how much using that service would cost you. I know I was and I was also left in a bit of a bind. I would pay a lot to make my book cover perfect because… it’s my book. Duh! That did not mean it would be the wisest thing for me to do at this point.
My child likes to eat… go figure.
This again left me in a bit of a pickle because I needed a cover. Not only did I need one cover but I anticipated needing four or five covers for the remainder of 2014. Once I realized that having a cover made was probably out of my reach. I had to come up with a new plan. – The new plan

I had heard on different you tube channels that fiverr was a great place to get a book cover. Wow I said with eyes full of wonder, I can get a book cover for five dollars. The web is amazing. So I quickly made a dash to google and typed fiverr in my search bar and I was there quicker than Santa on Christmas Eve. (Forgive me I have been asking my child what she wants for Christmas).
I found fiverr to be a happening place with many talented people. I quickly found some that had great book covers in their slide shows and I hired them to make me the best book cover ever.
The book in question was called Another Bad day and has now been renamed to Charlie’s Bad Day. I spent ten dollars on book covers. I had two different artist make me a cover. Neither could make me the cover I wanted. There were several reasons they could not provide the cover of my dream. The main reason was they were unable to find a picture that was for sale like that was even close to what I requested. I was not daunted I asked them to do their best and I waited.
Finally it was time and I was excited they had done and to be very fair what they did was nice. I just was not sure if I walked into a book store and saw the cover that I would pick the book up to read the jacket. Having no other choice I used it.
Below you will see the first cover I used for Another Bad Day. I think you will agree with me it was not bad.

kindlecover another bad day
My fiverr verdict.
There are some amazing artist there, but if you are a fiction writer trying to get the best cover for your ebook will cost you closer to a hundred dollars. This may be doable for you and if you find someone you think will do it justice you may just try this road.
If you are a non-fiction artist this may be just what you’re looking for. I loved some of what I saw. Done with simple graphics or a simple picture and beautiful wording. You may want more if this is not your first or second non-fiction book.
To all artist. Fiverr is just five dollars. I would say if you’re not sure give it a try once, twice maybe even three times it will help you to get a good idea of what you are looking for.


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