Pre-Made E-Book Covers Part Two

Pre-Made E-Book Covers Part Two

There are many sites on the net that offer premade e-book covers. Before I go any further I would suggest you look at them, by them I mean all of them. Yes it will take time, but consider it a valuable investment in your books successful future. Also remember it is hard to make a choice if you have no idea what the product market is.
I decided to change the name of my first e-book from Another Bad Day to Charlie’s Bad Day. This meant I had to change the name on the cover since I owned the cover, but not the files to change it, it meant I needed a new cover. This time I skipped fiverr and looked for a different venue.
I found Author Marketing Club. I was rather excited about looking around. Again I went with wide eyed wonder. I love the net, I thought how great it was for making one’s dreams come true. Author Marketing Club has a page filled with great looking e-book covers. I showed my friends some of the ones I was interested in and they looked and showed me what they liked.
Unfortunately they did not have a cover like the one I wanted. I am so unique and different, I thought of course no one has the cover I want. I did find a cover, one I really liked and still like. I watched this cover probably for a month or more. Nope I did not just buy it I wanted to make sure I wanted it. Finally I pulled the trigger and sent the money to purchase this cover.
Why did it take me so long? There were several reasons although I knew the website was reputable I still did not know the website. I tend to get tense when I am paying money on nothing but faith. The payment system was set up so that you use paypal to pay for the cover, once that was done I sent the information via e-mail about the book. That went without a hitch. I e-mail Jim Kukral that day to ask questions I had, he answered each one. Then I sat back and waited with baited breath.
Four days passed and I reminded myself that he was a very busy man and my e-book cover was probably very low on his list of things to do. Of course it was number one on my to do list. Finally the cover came and I was so excited I showed my editor/ beta reader. She quickly pointed out a few flaws and I deflated, I had seen them, but I was trying to overlook them.
I sent an e-mail back thanking him for what was done and asking if he could make changes and the waiting game started again. Three days later I had not received the correction and even though I knew I should show more patience I e-mailed to ask when I might get the corrected cover back. He sent it back that same day which made me happy. The cover is on the site for you to look at. The prices range from around thirsty dollars on up, the highest I remember seeing was a little over one hundred dollars. This is still cheaper than some of the sites that will create an e-book cover for you.
My verdict on Author Marketing Club. It is a great place with lots of fantastic e-book covers. If you have not visited the site you should. Take a look around, maybe even become a member. Seven days may seem like forever if you’re me, but honestly a week is not long to wait for the e-book cover you want. Many places take longer than that.

Begin to look for your e-book cover early. It will take away some of the stress.

P.S. The original book cover I wanted for Charlie’s bad day was an executive looking into a mirror and his reflection showed as a killer with a knife and blood on him. Recently I saw something close to that. A man looking into a pool of water and the reflection was another side of him. As much as I would love to think no one can match my creativity, I understand that ideas are free flowing in the ether. So if you see your book cover someplace it probably wasn’t stolen someone simply plucked the same idea you did. Thank God for the ether!


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