Rin’s Salvation – Paranormal

Rin’s Salvation – Paranormal

On my birthday my daughter gave me 100 prompts. She searched far and wide for them. Type them up printed them out and then found a cute box to put them in. This was a labor of love for a mother who happens to be a writer. I looked at the prompts hugged and kissed her but never used them. Then they fell on the floor so i picked them up. One day in the car she said i missed a prompt. Then she hinted she would love to see what i would do with it.

Prompt: A five year old gathers all the money she has to pay an assassin to kill someone for her. Who did she want killed and why?

Immediately My mind swirled with joy and i came up with a story. What good is a prompt if it doesn’t lead to a story?

Every week hopefully on Sundays i will update the story a chapter at a time. If your enjoying it please let me know.

Hover over the tab for chapter one.

Ps the stories are from the ravings of my mind please ignore any errors they are not edited!

Romance with a Twist