Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Chapter Two


The smoke detector in her bedroom went off. Rin jumped up grabbing a pair of pants and a shirt. What was happening? Her long-legged stride took her to her window to show the residents in her building pouring out some of them were staring up pointing towards her window. Her apartment couldn’t be on fire. She was sleeping, how was that possible?

She walked out into the living room only to realize it was engulfed in flame. Could it have been faulty wiring? A figure moved in the flames, and she knew it wasn’t wiring one of the specters was coming for her. A specter that she would kill, but first she needed to make it out of her apartment alive. The door was a sheet of flame as well as the door that led to the porch; she was going to have to throw herself out the window.

No big deal she was only on the sixth floor, and she wasn’t pretending to be human, at least not anymore. She went back into the bedroom and tried to lift the window it wouldn’t budge. She slammed her hands against the glass, but it wouldn’t break. She ran into the living room to see the outline of a female in the flames laughing at her.

Who had she pissed off so badly that they wanted her to burn? She would say the list was long but since she had a tendency to kill the specter’s she went after, some beings just needed killing, her list wasn’t that long. She was pissed off when she went back into the bedroom, she grabbed her knife and stabbed it against the window, but the shield held. One look was enough to tell that the crowd on the ground was fixated on her. They were preparing to watch her burn to death, but she wasn’t in the mood.

She lifted her leg and tried to kick a hole through the shield. The fire truck outside her window had a bucket lift coming her way. The fire engine was spraying the building down with water. She stood helpless as that lift got closer it wasn’t going to do her any good unless she could break the shield in front of her window. When the man in the bucket was close enough to see her, she took her knife and banged on the window showing him that it wouldn’t break.

He nodded to show he understood and then he made a sign for her to step back. Curious as to what he was going to do she stepped back. He came up to the window; he took out a tool it looked like a pen to Rin. After touching the end of it, a pointed tip with a light on it flashed, and he cut a hole through the shield and the window. When he was done, he motioned for her to come. She approached the shield warily, but it was gone where he cut. It took a little careful maneuvering, but she was able to climb out the window and into the bucket. As soon as she was out of the apartment, the fire began to fizzle until it was nothing.

“Thank you,” she looked into the face of the firefighter to realize she was looking at Sabers father.

Rin was tall, but she was still craning her head to look into his face. Those magnetic green eyes were pulling her in mixed with his strawberry blond hair looking a lot like his daughter.

“Thank you,” she tried again needing to clear her throat. It was just smoke inhalation she told herself; there was no way she tripped over her tongue.

“I’ll have you down in no time; then the paramedics can check you over.”

She nodded. “How did you get me out?”

She was looking anywhere except those greens eyes and that sexy as hell mouth. The mouth she wanted to kiss while staring into his eyes. She took a tiny step back conceding the round to him.

“My ex-wife use to play games like that, locking our daughter up behind a shield for hours while I tried to get to her.”

His voice made her want to scream in frustration; there was a strain in it that said he had been traumatized and abused. Not physically, but abuse happened in so many forms, and she was aware of many of them.

“What happened to your ex-wife?”

“She died.”

“At least your free right?”

His eyes staked her staring through her. The haunted look was back on his face.

“Sometimes death is the doorway to things eviler than you can imagine when your living.”

Rin nodded she couldn’t say anything as the bucket lowered into place on the fire truck. There were several types of specters that used death as a doorway. She didn’t know for sure, but she was beginning to think his wife was one of the worst kind.

“My name is Rin; you should know the name of the female you saved.”

“Rin, what a beautiful name. I’m Jay.”

Jay, she grinned at him almost like she was a schoolgirl before she pulled herself together and remembered she was a bad ass. Jay was a good solid human name, and she liked it.

“It’s nice to meet you, Jay. I can’t thank you enough for saving my life.”

“Your welcome.” He helped her out of the bucket like a gentleman before he finally turned around and started calling out orders and asking for reports. Maybe Jay was in charge and maybe he knew from watching her that he was the only one that would be able to get her out of that apartment.

Rin scanned the crowd because if his ex-wife was here, she wouldn’t be able to resist watching him, thinking of what she could do next to make his life miserable. On the corner standing next to a telephone pole was the ex-wife. Rin could just make her out, no features to let her know what she was dealing with, but she had a death shadow over her. The female was definitely dead although she didn’t have the good graces to stay that way.

Rin straightened her shoulders and looked directly at her. See me bitch she thought because I’m coming after you. The specter laughed and disappeared.

Rin went to her car and decided it was time to go check in with Hawk.




There were a couple of prospective clients sitting in the outer lobby when she went in. She gave them a quick smile and walked past hoping none of the would ask her when they would be called back. Rickard walked past her going to meet with one of the clients.

“Rin,” his voice boomed much too good-naturedly. “You finally got in. Did you spend all night running down your new case? He gave an easy laugh as he kept walking.

She ignored him it made her day brighter when she gave him a silent FU. The rest of the team were in their individual offices. She stopped to knock on Hawk’s door.

“Come in Rin.” Hawk always knew who was knocking on his door it never took him by surprise although it took strangers by surprised when he addressed them by name.

She walked in and went to his couch allowing her body to drape over it.

He gave her a once over and waited to hear what she had to say. She wore jeans and a tee something she never wore when she came to the office.

“There was a fire in my apartment today.”

Hawk lifted an eyebrow but stayed silent.

“I believe it was connected to the case you sent me on last night.”

He leaned over a little, if she hadn’t been looking for a reaction, she would have missed it. Hawk never gave much away.

“The family is being haunted by the dead ex-wife. I haven’t narrowed it down yet, but I think she is one of three types of specters. The first being the undead.”

The undead were born that way. Many people thought they were alive, and they were to a degree but they lived on a different plane, and they loved to terrorize past loved ones. They are deadly but easy to deal with.

“She may be a De-Vamos.” They weren’t so nice. After they died they wanted to take their family with them in death. So Jay and Saber would still live in a way just the dead way.

“She may be pure Vamos.” Pure Vamos were deadly, and she would want only one thing, and that was Sabers blood. If she drained her child, the power she passed onto her as well as anything Jay passed on to her would become the mothers. A Vamos never died until he or she procreated because the death offspring would make them so much stronger in death.

If her mother was a Vamos, Saber didn’t have long to live and from the looks of things she might decide to take Jay to just for fun.

“Did you take on the case?”

Rin pulled out her baggie filled with twenty-five dollars and tossed it to him.

“Shit Rin your much too soft. I sent you out there on a joke.”

“Jokes on you.” She sauntered out the office refusing to acknowledge that Hawk was right. She was acting much too soft. She did a quick internal check; her heart was still ice. As long as it was, she was protected.