Sergey is out!

Sergey is out!

Wow that was close! I promised Sergey’s book in May and I started to think I wouldn’t make it. Sergey is now available on the Amazon platform. I hope you like Sergey and Lorali’s story. Lorali is such a interesting woman with problems that should keep her down, but she refuses to stay down. Sergey finds her resilience¬†attractive. Together they have to face a menace that comes for them in different shapes. I truly enjoyed writing their story and growing through them.

Well I am another year older! Yeah! My birthday was on the 18th of this month. My daughter gave me a mother’s survival kit! In it was all the things I need to take care of her! She just made my job easier. Then she made me a desert of dirt! Lol it was yummy. She put a sign in front of the cups that read as old as dirt!

She makes me laugh. One day when she was young, maybe six or so she asked my when we were surrounded by people ‘Mom how old are you’, I responded without thinking ‘I am as old as dirt! As you can see I will never live that one down.

Enjoy Sergey and keep reading, dreaming and loving.

I Dare


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