So excited

So excited

I have spent the weekend working on the editing of my new novel Aran. The first in the Love Me Harder Series.

I love this novel. The characters are fantastic together. I love discovering a whole new world and specie that I never knew existed.

The romance is hot, but more than that I love watching the way they interact with each other. Watching a relationship bloom whether it is between the pages of a book or your best friend and her new man, is exciting.  There’s always a chance it’s happening in your life, that’s when your heart beats harder and your smile is more radiant than the suns light. The sweaty palms and the dreams at night of forever are your new friends.

The pleasure you feel when you hear his or her voice over the phone. The disappointment at a missed date combined with the excitement of the next date. Relationships and romance are a wonderful thing and writing Aran and Rena’s romance has been wonderful. Reading it for the first time was wonderful and heart moving.

If you love paranormal’s, romance and aliens combined with hot love and a few twists. Check out Aran and Rena’s tale of love. They will be around at the end of March.

What ever you do, keep loving, keep reading

I Dare!



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