Stand still earth, I want to change directions

Stand still earth, I want to change directions

Yesterday I was listening to Les Brown, a powerful motivational speaker. He said something that hit me hard. “Ninety percent of people are going to jobs they hate, while praying they don’t get fired.”

Now we can argue over the percentage, but what we can’t argue over is that he is right. I met them when I rode the bus to work. I work with them all day, their bitterness lashing out at other employees like a plague. I see them on the street corners. Finally I see her in the mirror every morning.

Today I woke up, sick again. I ran to the bathroom and threw up. Ewww, I know. Nope for those of you thinking it, not pregnant and don’t have the flu. Yeah!!!

Having said that, today I threw up while sitting at my desk. Double ewww, I know. My administrator with all of her tack called me in the middle of this to ask me if I was throwing up (as if her snitches had lied to her). Then she tried to hold a conversation with me. Wasn’t happening.

When I was half way decent I went into her office. She told me I had to leave and I had the nerve to argue with her.

1. According to her we are all grown ups and she is no one’s mother. As such she doesn’t send people home for being sick.

(Imagine a room full of office employees tied to their desk and whipped continuously to produce more…)

– ok, now that you have the picture you may be able to understand why this came off as a personal assault to me. I won’t mention the other sick employees over the years who were told they could not leave.

2. So why was I arguing?

– Was I trying to save my PTO (paid time off)? Mayb,e I have a child that was born with a genetic disease. I never know when I will have to take her to the ER.

– Was I concerned about my job? No.

– If not the above reasons, then why.

3. Could I be so indoctrinated into a way of life that has been slowly killing me?

– Ding, ding I think we have a winner.

– I was sick (as indicated by the lost of breakfast at my desk). I repeated the process when I got home and then took my weakened body and rolled into bed to sleep for several hours. I woke still sick.

– Yet I had the nerve to argue. When did working become more important than taking care of one’s self?

-When did a paycheck that barely pays the bills (Yeah I am talking to you too) Become the most important thing in our lives?.

4. Changing directions

-My desire to change directions did not come on with the lightening bolt of clarity. It slowly encompassed me over several years.

– It started with a way to bring in a supplemental income and grew from there.

– Eventually I started writing. I won’t become an overnight millionaire from it, but I love it. I woke up at four this morning with the start of the next chapter running around my head. I got up to write it, not wanting to lose it.

– Since the world won’t stop long enough for me to change directions I will have to fight the momentum, while walking in the other direction. Being sent home was like being pulled kicking and screaming in the direction I wanted to go. I stopped fighting and went with it willingly when I realized it.

5. I wonder

– How many of you are kicking and fighting when in reality its the direction you want, even need to go in.


Re-evaluate your world. Do something fun. Tackle the bunny slopes. Parachute from a plane (I want to, but I am such a wuss!) Live your life.

I Dare




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