Starting Over?

Starting Over?

Have you ever considered starting over? One day you get up and take a look around you realizing your life isn’t what you hoped it would be. Your dreams, rather big or small, somehow eluded you. All you know is that this is not what you wanted.

When your in your twenties changing course can feel like no big deal. When you hit your thirties you may be in the “Who moved my cheese mindset.”

Things get a little more touch and go in your forties, by now you think you should be stable, happy. Then you reach your fifties and if your still not satisfied with life it truly feels like the end of the world.  You may even imagine the word failure is tattooed on your forehead.

I can’t get behind that philosophy. I believe no matter how old you are you can make a change in your life. My Mom went back to college. My mom, I am so proud of her. She’s been downsized so many times it’s not even funny. She’s been rejected for jobs because of her age. Not that they would say that’s the reason, but she chose to change her life anyway. To mingle with youngsters who are less than half her age and she has thrived.

So why do we throw up our hands and say there is no hope for us when we reach a certain age?

Is it because society worships youth and we feel like yesterdays left overs? Or is it because at some point we stopped seeing ourselves as valuable. Did we forget that our children, toddlers, teens and adults are still learning from us. They will carry the mark of what we do till the day they die. Lets not let them down, more importantly lets not let ourselves down.

Many of you were meant for so much more than you are presently accomplishing. You know more, see more and have the talent to be more, but you feel your time has come and gone. That’s not true your time is just beginning so many people have reinvented themselves later in life.

If you are in your forties celebrate and if your life is great sit back and relax, but if you need more. Note I said need more this isn’t about an extra car or another television. It’s about that deep drive inside you that is saying my life was meant to do more, to mean more. I want to achieve more, live better, be healthier, whatever it is you can achieve it.

Forty, fifty or sixty or older you are not dying you still have lots of life to live seize the moment.

To my friend if you are reading this you have touched my life. Your friendship has been invaluable, your encouragement something I have come to count on. Your life is not ending the fun is just beginning and everyone around you is paying attention. Make your move, you deserve it.

I Dare You


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