Tane’s Mate coming May 18 2016

Tane’s Mate coming May 18 2016

On May 18th I’m releasing Tane’s Mate. Call it a birthday present to myself! I have loved writing about Tane and Leza they each wake up at different times to realize that the government and the military have joined forces to use citizen’s as test subjects. They have been the successful ones. Now they must learn to live with the alternations that have made them shifters.

Tane knows he will be alone for the rest of his life having been told by the government that he would tear any woman apart if he tried to make love to her. It’s the blood lust that lives in the soul of an animal.

Then Leza walks into his life with an animal of her own. Now nothing he was told make sense except the understanding that she’s a government trap.

Now the two of them must figure out what’s happening while they run for their lives as well as a chance to love.

Are they meant to spend forever in a cage or in each others arms?


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