Tau’s Miracle

Tau’s Miracle

Tau’s Miracle is now out. It is the first book in my Alien Destination Series.

Tau is an ancient who has been fighting a war longer than he remembers. The Krier have invaded the Mians home world with only one thing on their minds, total and complete devastation. The war isn’t going well for the Mians. Tau is looking for anything that can help him change the tide.

Talia Wakes up one day in a body that doesn’t belong to her on a planet she never knew existed. Her first instinct is to fight the sound that is trying to overcome her. She now has to make a decision, will she fight for a people she doesn’t know or will she stand back waiting out a war. More importantly will she fight for Tau the male she met who has thrown her life upside down?

Tau never thought he would meet Talia – ancients didn’t have mates. Everything he knows is about to be challenged. The world has changed, now there is only one question. Will this change bring with it doom or hope?

To My Love Me Harder Fans.
Hale will be coming out shortly! He is the next to be published! I have you have been enjoying Nicolas and Jana’s story. I am so excited about Hale and Tori, I think you will love them.

Read, love and laugh!
Romance with a Twist


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