Thea’s Homecoming

Thea’s Homecoming

Thea knew she was being followed and she hated it. Sighing she guessed it was time to run again. She was tired of running and hiding. If only she knew what those government guys wanted. Giving her best fake smile she waited while the cashier rang up her purchases. This was one of her favorite shoe stores and she refused to be blacklisted from it, so they would have to wait for her to get outside to run.

“Those shoes are some of my favorites,” the cashier stated, making idle conversation as she rang.

Giving her a good once over, Thea once again decided she was not stalling. “I couldn’t resist them. It was almost like they were calling my name.”

“I know what you mean, but I wondered where would I wear them?” The cashier looked at the six inch heels and once again drooled, but really she never went out anymore.

Thea smiled and tried not to look edgy as she paid for the shoes. Grabbing the bag she said a quick bye and headed out the door. It was much later than she had thought. Time had slipped by as she had spent the day shopping and now it was evening. Tensing she waited, but nothing happened. Maybe she was just getting paranoid. This was definitely not the best city, but she was growing to like it and didn’t want to leave. Giving a happy sigh she approached her car thinking it would all be ok.

“Excuse me miss do you have any spare change?”

A man peeled himself off a wall in a dark corner. How had I missed him she wondered? “No I do not have anything.” Slipping her hands in her pocket she palmed her key fob and silently opened the door of her modified car. There were no clicks to let someone know the lock had been disengaged and the lights never flickered. Yeah some might call her paranoid, but she simply thought life was worth living.

“Anything you have miss would be appreciated.”

He seemed to slowly be advancing on her. Was he gaining ground? He came forward while she walked backwards getting closer to her car. Edging backwards she knew she had only one option.  Dropping her packages she made a sharp turn and started running all out for her car. Elbows down, forearms out and hands straight, she ran like she was about to cross the finish line of some marathon. Panting she scolded herself for not working out harder. Not daring to look behind her she kept running until she reached the car, opening the door she slipped in thinking she had made it.

With a loud thump a heavy weight jumped onto the hood of her car.  Sliding her keys into the ignition she started the car not caring for the crazed man on her hood. He started beating at the window as if he would smash it, in order to get to her. Stomping on the gas while throwing the car into gear she started moving, suddenly thankful for the lateness of the hour and the lack of pedestrians in the vicinity. She drove straight ahead and then did a U turn that she was sure was straight out of the so you want to rot in prison hand book, but it did the trick.

The large enraged man on her car went flying off the hood with screams of what sounded like pain when he landed. Not stopping to make sure he was ok, she high tailed it out of there wondering what to do. Coming to a red light she stopped like the law abiding citizen she was and watched as a black on black sports car pulled up behind her. Sighing she knew she had been right, not only had they made her but that big lump on her car had marked it. Oh how she hated when they did that. Now she would have to ditch the car and steal one until she could get another. When the light turned she pulled out slowly like she had no cares in the world.

How many of them were there? Taking her time she simply drove until the second one pulled in front of her. Smiling, she was ready. They both had tricked out cars but she was sure their toys were no match for hers, although she hoped it did not come to that. Seemed like tonight was going to end with her running. This time she would pick a bigger city. Playing nice she stopped at all the lights like nothing was amiss as she aimed for the Southside and Carson Street.

She loved the Southside and the night life and hopefully today it would help her. Angling a few streets back where there where hardly any houses, she amped up her speed seeing what the other cars had under their hoods. They kept up! Damn! Nothing could be easy. She simply went faster leaving the Southside looking for more deserted terrain. She found herself in town.

Pushing the gas pedal down, she gave it all she had as she raced along the mostly deserted streets. This was close enough to where she lived that if she could shake them, she should be able to get home and gone before anyone noticed. They were on her heels, but she wasn’t worried. She waited until they got closer and then pulled into a U turn. At 130 mph her car went up on two wheels and actually made the turn. She wanted to laugh with pride. She had made those modifications herself.

That’s why the government guys were after her. For some reason she functioned in a way that other normal humans didn’t. She literally saw circuits and wires and whatever else she needed in front of her and she just knew what to do to make them better. Instead of saying here’s a high paying job and we love your work, they wanted to dissect her or interrogate her or at least use her for their own gain. Where was the fun in that? Running was tiring, but it was fun also.

She looked behind her to assess the damage. One car had spun out and hit a wall, but the other had slowed down in time and made the turn. Racing off she knew that she had to ditch her car and make it home before they made her apartment. Looking for a parking space she could pull into she saw one in the middle of two other cars. Pulling in and stopping at an insane speed took almost all the skill she had learned in her thirty two years, but she managed it as the car behind her kept going never seeing her park.

Saying good bye to her car, she hit a button that would actually change the color of the car camouflaging it. It was just an illusion but it would be an effective one and by the time they found it, every electronic circuit would have burned itself out starting with the transmitter they placed on her car. Yeah she had designed that also, but had anyone congratulated her on her brilliance? They had been scared and said things like she needed to be contained. If she wasn’t such a dignified lady, she would snort and throw the middle finger just for the heck of it.

Shrugging out of her nice bright coat, the one she had worn so everyone could spot her, she grabbed a nice black jacket and walked away, leaving her life without a thought. She slipped into a crowd of people laughing as they came out of a theatre and walked with them blending in.

“Hey where did you come from,” this came from a young man in the crowd who spotted her immediately.

“Just coming out the theatre thinking about going to get a bite to eat. Where are you going?” The smile she gave was sincere. She always liked to talk to guys like this, tall and slender. They just seemed so safe, but to be honest she had never really met anyone that made her blood burn.

“Actually they want to go to the Cheese Cellar so I guess that’s where we will go. Why? Were you thinking of someplace else?” He looked at her with a genuine smile and beautiful blue eyes and the need to stop running and have a life almost over whelmed her.

“Unfortunately I won’t be able to stay long, I’m just ducking some over needy acquaintances.”  Turning to face him she gave a sudden laugh, then stepped into his arms planting a hot kiss on him.

The car began to pick up speed, not seeing its intended prey and she knew it was time to leave. Pulling away she smiled.

“Wow that was unexpected and hot.”

“And it was also goodbye. Sorry we met my last night in town.” With a sad smile she walked away with him calling out “at least tell me your name,” she kept on walking.


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