What Makes You Happy?

What Makes You Happy?

I wanted to vent some more about e-book covers, but I put it on hold in favor of this subject. You may be wondering how happiness has anything to do with writing. If you are then I may just surprise you.

I have spent a large number of years unhappy. I don’t mean depressed or at least not clinically depressed. I don’t mean I wasn’t having any fun because I was. I was simply unhappy. I spent a lot of time covering it up or even ignoring that fact. I mean its life no one was meant to always be happy. Right?

Now because I don’t want you think I was an unhappy camper of one I need to point out something’s. I have worked several places in my life and the majority of the people I worked with were unhappy. For a long time I rode the bus to work and got to know a segment of the population that was unhappy. Like most people I walk the streets (not as a street walker!). I listen to people talk as they pass and a good bit of them are unhappy.


For me and some of those I know personally it comes down to not doing what you love. Forget about love most don’t even like what they do. Have you said to yourself I want to go home the minute you walk through the door of the place you work. I hear people say this all the time. Unfortunately I have been guilty of saying those same words.  Which brings me to what makes you happy.

Writing make me happy. I knew this in the back of my head where I tend not to venture. When things got to bad in my life I would find myself writing a story or telling a story. I loved telling my daughters stories that I made up when she was younger.

So what do you love to do? What makes you happy? I have a friend who is going crazy trying to figure out this very thing. She wants to change her life, but is so mired down in what she is doing and her fear of the future that she finds herself doing nothing.

In everything I have done I can now look back and see one constant. I wrote. Do what makes you happy. So what if you are not setting the world on fire. If you are happy your making it a better place. Take a chance – Don’t be stupid, but take a chance and do what makes you happy.

Come join me maybe we can write together!


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