What’s in an E-book cover?

What’s in an E-book cover?

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Do you love book covers? I do or at least I used to. I could spend hours in a book store just looking at the covers and I definitely would pick a book up to look at based on its cover.

Funny thing though when I decided to write my first e-book I never thought about needing a cover. So there I was writing away, loving my book more and more each day until voila it was done. I was so happy. I had done it. We talked about editing earlier and may again in the future. The book was edited and all that was left was to upload it to Kindle, right?

What about a cover? My very first cover I ended up using fiverr and I was frustrated very quickly, but I needed a cover. I briefly thought about making one. I could blow the dust off of gimp, I actually took a rather in depth course on the use of Gimp. I was rather sure I could make a cover, a rather unique one if I had the time. Time was not my friend in this case and I set the idea out of my mind. On my first book Charlie’s bad day I used the cover made on fiver. I actually had two covers made and used both of them. In the end I decided they did not come across the way I wanted and went to Authors marketing club and bought a pre-made cover I really liked.

So everything is great I thought I will just buy premade covers for all my books and life will be good. Wrong. My next two books were done and are about to come out and I needed a cover for them. I started looking on google for pre-made e-book cover sites. I found them. Lots of them and at first I was glad. I looked through every fantasy and sci-fi cover I could fine. I lie not there were thousands of them. Nothing but sheer perseverance kept me looking. I quickly acknowledge that I would have to raise my budget to get a good cover. Closing my eyes to the money and crossing my fingers I agreed to spend more than I wanted to on my book covers. Heck winter coats are over rated, right? LOL!

I looked high. I looked low. I found the in between places and looked there. No matter how hard I looked what I couldn’t find was a cover that made me happy. So eventually I decided happiness much like winter coats, was over rated. I simply needed a cover I was ok with. So I looked again. In the end I couldn’t justify the spending lots of money on covers that were just so-so for my needs. So my friends said look for covers without people on them.

I geared myself up to look again for covers that simply used images of places and things to convey the message of my books, no such luck. In the end I came up with an idea of what I might want my book cover to look like. I wanted my book cover for Hope to look like this. I wanted a city background with swords at the top (I just like swords) and a silhouette of an angel at the bottom. Then all the appropriate words. I quickly got rid of the angels they did not look right. I ended up with the three book covers above. If you have one you like more than the other drop me a line and let me know. P.S the above book covers are all from fiverr.

I will be talking lots more about covers. This is just a warm up.


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