Will the other Created get a book?

Will the other Created get a book?

I have had several inquiries about Dante and his brothers. Will they get books of their own. The answer to that question is yes. The series name is the A’rouk brother. I have also had lots of inquiries about Dante. So i wanted to share a snippet of the first chapter of the book Mick that i am no longer using but this scenewith Dante is so good i wanted to share it.

This scene will not be used in the upcoming novel…but i love it!

The chains held Mick in place. He stood in the midst of a barren plane, dirt under his feet with clouds blocking out the sun. The fires that surrounded him ripped and roared the very tip of it licking at his skin, soon they would be released to consume him. The whip against his back struck him like a long lost friend. His body was too tired to tense up anymore in anticipation of the next strike, he simply took the pain like it was his due. The wind roared around him like it was angry. Soon it would be over, he would give in ending the life he used to know. Darkness would own his soul; it was the only thing he could give his family. It was the only thing he could give her. He had seen the forbidden fruit and he would pay the ultimate sacrifice for looking on one so pure.
Jaz, at least he knew her name. He would take that one thing down into the darkness that claimed him. The wind stopped howling, the time must be drawing nearer. He dropped his head the will to live still too strong in him. An army of darkness approached him ready to make its claim on his soul.
He would lose them all, his family, his mate. He beckoned the army to come collect him. His life for those that meant everything to him it was a fair trade. He heard the whip, knew it would be the last strike. When it fell he would die. He waited as the sound made the air around him scream in agony but it never fell. His head lifted and turned making his whole body cry out. What he saw brought both joy and terror to him.
Dante stood behind him holding a bloody hand in his that previously held the whip. The rest of the body was on the round. He opened his hand allowing the bloody hand to join the corpse of its former owner. Dante stretched his hand out and the chains came off. The army of darkness stopped their approach to watch him. They were captivated by him as much as Mick was.
“I have come to take him home. He does not belong to you.”
“You can’t,” Mick recognized his voice although he was barely able to push it past his lips.
“I can and I will. Any that oppose my actions have permission to confront me.”
The army of darkness as a whole took a step back. Not one male was willing to take on Dante…not yet, but there would come a time when his time would be up. Then they would devour him with gladness. For now they were mourning the loss of the one named Mick. One brave male stood up.
“We will not lose what has been promised to us.” That one voice declared his intentions while the others stepped further back.
“A curse is not a promise. Even a cursed male must be given a chance to defeat his enemy. My brother will be given the same chance.”
The army shuddered as Dante declared who Mick was to the universe. With one more look at those who would oppose him Dante tightened his arm around Mick and simply disappeared.

I hope you have enjoyed this look into the life of both Dante and Mick.

Live, love and read

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