Willow’s Dragon

Willow’s Dragon

Willow’s Dragon the last book in the Dragon Mates series is now live on Amazon.

Willow has spent years on the run. She has no idea what’s chasing her all she knows is she has to stay on step ahead of it. All of that is now over or at least she hopes so as she decides to take a cruise. Its the first real vacation she can remember. Thoughts of sitting around the pool and drinking exotic drinks when she reaches Jamaica are keeping her busy until she meets someone that makes her need for self preservation go off. He’s a threat and she doesn’t know why.

Javon has been frozen for centuries. His life is at an end, but he still searches fro the one person who can make him flesh and blood again…his mate. Finally, he locates her. He knows that all he will ever be able to do is watch over her, until his enemy finds her. Now it’s a race against time to see who gets to her first.

Willow will have to believe the impossible, that dragons exist. Javon will have to convince her that even though he’s frozen and unable to love her, he is still her mate. Mutufa his enemy, the enemy of all dragons will be trying to kill them before Willow has a chance to to reverse his frozen state. It’s a race against time and if Mutufa wins the beginning of a new world order is on the horizon.

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Willow’s Dragon: Dragon Mates: A BBW Paranormal Romance


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