Work in Progress

Work in Progress


The A’rouk brothers

Lucca _ book 3 in the series.  Relaeased


The Wolves’ Den

The first two books are stand alone’s

The next three are a trilogy

Caden Book in the trilogy coming 9-5-2017


When the life of Xander’s mate is compromised will he still stand by her side?



The Broken

Mekhi Book one

When you’re  broken the last thing you want is responsibility for another soul.

Quinn could take care of herself thank you very much. Still, there was something about Mekhi she wasn’t ready to let go off.

When the competition wants her dead and supernatural occurrences start happening. The only person she can depend on is the one who may cause the most damage to her heart.



Books to come this year tentatively

The first book in the broken series

The second book in the Angel shifter series

Between heaven and hell series






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