Work in Progress

Work in Progress


The A’rouk brothers

Lucca _ book 3 in the series.

The last thing Lucca wanted was a mate. Hoping to escape his fate he went back in time. There was no mate the first time he lived in the past why should there be one now?

Tempest woke up long before she intended to. Now she was living in a world she no longer knew intimately with death stalking her. The last person she expected to meet was her mate.

She couldn’t stay with Lucca his life would be in danger, but why was she having problems letting go.  He knew he needed to let her go but each new day he seemed o hold on a little tighter. They were both trying to protect the other, but sometimes you had to face death head on and hope you won.


The Wolves’ Den

Declyn book three – Live

Caden Book Four



The Broken

Aran’s twin the prequel.

When Slade realized he had a twin who never looked for him all he wanted to do was kill him for betraying him.

There was no way he could imagine what was about to him.



Books to come this year tentatively

The first book in the broken series

The second book in the Angel shifter series

Book three of shifters on the run






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