The tracker is coming and the fate of the world is on the line. The battle they’ve been preparing for is here. Winner take all!

Chapter one

Sena looked both ways before she darted out of her place of safety. When she didn’t see—but more importantly didn’t sense anyone searching for her, she slipped into the mass of humanity, hoping to hide. Her eyes scanned the crowd again. Someone like her could never be too safe. She was one of the stalked. Could she possibly be one of the people who may be able to close the door and stop the tracker? May was the operative word. No one knew who the real person was who could help to save the planet. It didn’t matter; she’d been targeted as one, and nothing would stop them from coming after her until she was dead.

“Running won’t save your life.”

She looked to her side to find a female with bright red hair and green eyes watching her. The woman wasn’t one of the stalked, but she was a human born with greater talents that were unlocked. She looked over her shoulder to find a male with bright red hair and green eyes stalking the female.

There was a nod of her head, more of an understanding of what was happening than anything else. Once a woman like this found her protector, they didn’t let them out of their sight. The woman looking at her was married, more like mated in the old ways before mankind became the civilized beings they were now. Sena took a minute to laugh at that. Her kind was still hungry, greedy, and thirsty for blood. They were no different than in the time of fire and fighting giants much bigger than themselves. The problem now was that they were the giants, so they fought each other. Not that it mattered.  It was important they weren’t wiped out of the galactic consciousness before they could pass through this stage of their evolution.

“You’re drawing attention to me.” Sena quickened her pace, hoping to lose the woman and her protector.

“If you believe you’re not being watched, followed, then you’re not worthy of the respect I have for you.”

She gave a quick sigh of acceptance before tucking it away. The woman was right; her senses were not all-knowing or all-encompassing. There were things and people who could hide from her. Those are the ones that had her finding hidey holes. Even though holes like the one she just left would only provide shelter for a day, sometimes a few hours. Her life was one of constant movement. She lived like this for years. Now it was all coming to an end. They would win, or they would die. Either way, her life as a vagabond would be over.

“Then you of all people know why I have to keep running.”

“No army has ever won by turning tail and running.” Her green eyes shined with pity.

Sena bristled, turning away from the woman talking. She didn’t have time for that. The anger she felt made her stop moving.

“Haven’t you heard about fleeing to fight another day?”

“Your anger is misplaced.” The woman knocked her shoulder against Sena’s to get her moving. “I’m not the enemy, and you won’t have another day to fight if you don’t make a stand.”

“What should I do?” She was talking through her teeth. “Maybe dip myself in honey and offer myself up on a platter. Ascendants of darkness here I am, tear me apart. Is that what you want? To see how horrific my death can be?”

The woman said something too low to hear before turning to look at her mate. He gave her a wink and nodded in Sena’s direction. With a sigh she turned back to face the other woman. There were days she felt that too much was being asked of her.

“You’re worse than the fire witch I helped recently.” Sena almost tripped over her feet wondering if this woman knew Isa.

She only knew one fire witch, and she dropped out of her global consciousness a few days ago.

“Do you know where she went?”

“The last time I saw her, she was with her mate. Did they survive what was coming after them?” The woman shrugged; she’d done all she could do. The rest was up to them.

“What do you want from me?” This woman wasn’t going to leave her alone until she said or got what she wanted.

“What do I want from you?” She repeated the question like it was asked in a language she didn’t understand. “I don’t want anything. The people on the streets may feel better if you were gone. The ones you hide among using them as shelter to die like the lambs in a slaughter if you are located here.”

Sena felt a shaft of guilt stake her in the heart. The intensity had been turned up. She felt the end coming, and right now, she didn’t think they were going to win. If she was caught outside with all these people, they—whoever they were wouldn’t think twice of killing them to get to her.

“You’re right, but I don’t know what to do.” She hated to sound so weak and unsure of herself, but the confidence she had weeks ago was slowly seeping out of her. She felt like that army the other woman spoke of. There was no way forward, but retreating was a death sentence.

“Take the advice you gave to your friend.” She held out her empty hand. When it connected with Sena’s, there was a flyer in it. “Don’t wait too long.” The woman turned around, disappearing with her mate into the crowd.

Normal was overrated, Sena reminded herself before folding the paper and placing it in her back pocket. She looked around, trying to decipher the right direction to go. This wasn’t the first time she wished she were gifted with the ability to teleport or with invisibility. It might be the last time. As she watched three men converge on her position from different directions. She moved in the direction that appeared to be free, wondering if it was a trap. Was there a fourth man waiting out of sight to end her life?

Voices raised behind her as the men chasing her started calling out to others to stop that woman. One man reached for her; the woman he was with shook her head. Sena wanted to laugh with joy. The woman’s movement was strong with her. She deliberately dropped her bag in front of the men chasing her, slowing them down. If she had time, she’d take that woman to lunch.

Women like the one that helped her, and men too were the reason she needed to stay alive to fight the tracker. After laying a false sensory direction for those chasing her, she did her best to meld with the shadows as the day lengthened. Taking the long way, she headed for the bus station. It was time to leave this city.

When she entered the bus station, she realized nothing could ever be easy. A man was resting in a chair and she knew instinctively he was looking for someone. Was he looking for her or some vulnerable teen getting off a bus? Sena wasn’t sure, but neither was something she could live with.

Leaving the bus station without raising any suspicion, she went around and entered the back side. It wasn’t used often but was still open to the public. From there, she slipped into the woman’s room. She needed time to think, and so far, the only people who had come after her had been men.

She used the stall and then took her time at the sink. She needed a plan, and nothing was coming to her. There was also the need to buy a ticket for the next bus coming through. It didn’t matter where it was going. Then she needed to find a way to get that male off the streets. It might only be a few days, but every day counted in the life of a teen, in her own also.

“Hi,” the woman standing next to her said.

Sena scanned the bathroom to discover it was only the two of them.
“Hi.” She didn’t want to look suspicious, but people didn’t generally talk to her out of the blue.

“I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable, but you look like you’re running or hiding from someone, and I wondered if I could help.”

The woman wasn’t much taller than Sena’s five-six height. She was euphemistically called porcelain; this woman was dark with skin so clear she could have been America’s next supermodel. The woman was slender and looked like she was athletic, while Sena was on the pleasingly plump side. Then she pulled out a badge that made Sena’s heartbeat slow to a normal rhythm.

Should she get the cop involved?

“There’s a man sitting in one of the seats out front. I can’t prove he’s up to no good. He might be looking for a scared teen or me.” She added the last as a test. The woman was acting like she cared, but Sena had been duped before.

The woman didn’t ask why someone would follow her, but she also didn’t say why she happened to be in the bus station.

“Let’s check him out.” They dried their hands and slipped out of the bathroom staying along the side of the wall. When they could see him, Sena stopped to point him out.

“I’ve got him. Go buy your ticket.”

“I can’t let you take him on by yourself.”

“I’ve got back up.” She nodded towards a door where people were flooding in after exiting the bus. A tall black male walked through the doors. Women were tripping over themselves to get a second look at him. He took one look at the woman by her side, and his handsome face glowed, becoming the stuff fantasies were built on.

“Thank you.” She didn’t even know her name.

“Go, no names, just get your ticket for the next bus.” The woman strode toward the man in the seat while Sena stuck to the shadows before mingling with the crowd to get to the counter.

“I need a ticket on the next bus leaving.”

“Destination?” The man behind the counter asked.

“I’m going anywhere and everywhere. Doesn’t matter; just give me the next bus leaving.”

“There’s one loading now. If you hurry, you can catch it.”

She paid, took the ticket, and hurried to the side door. A glance over her shoulder showed the woman taking the man into custody. Her mate was standing back, watching his arms folded over his chest as she dealt with the guy. Sena sent one last longing look at them before looking at the man again. His eyes flashed black as he pinned her with a stare. A shiver of pure terror went down her back. He was after her, and the promise in his eyes said he would find her. She ran to the bus and presented her ticket before taking a seat.

She didn’t rest until they were on the road. When they finally left the city limits without the bus being stopped for mysterious reasons, she gave a sigh of relief. The flyer in the back of her pocket made a noise when she turned. Taking it out, she ran her hand over it, knowing what it would read.


Do you need a mate?


We’ve been connecting lonely, desperate, and much too fat women with mates for years. The skinny need not apply. Skin color no issue; no matter how fat, we have a mate for you. Skinny people need not apply. Call the number below, and we will be in touch with you.


She ran her hand over her pouch, loving the way her stomach looked and felt. She was not fat; she was pleasingly plump and proud of it and didn’t need a dating service. Her friends weren’t fat either, but she steered them in the direction of this service. Before she could crumple the flyer up, the words changed, and she knew they were speaking to her directly.


We have the perfect mate for you. If this is to be your last year on the planet, why be alone?


It was the last year on the planet that did it for her. They were going to lose, and she’d never know what it was like to love and be loved. She pulled out her phone, calling the number. When an answering machine answered, she almost hung up.

My name is Sena…” They hung up on her. With dead silence in her ear, she knew her chances of knowing love were gone.



Desperate Mate

Isa was desperate to find a way to escape death. She found herself caught in a scheme to embezzle money happening at her job. When she wouldn’t go along with it, someone decided to silence her permanently. Running out of options, she called a number on a flyer. Soon she’d realize that her problems just got a lot bigger.

Kyran never expected to wake from the cryo sleep he was placed in. He woke to the shock of not only having a mate but one whose life was in danger. Now he had to deal with the males who wanted her dead and the threat that was coming for all humanity.

Together they would have to fight two foes if they wanted to keep the ones they loved safe.

Unwanted Mate

Mala never expected her mother to force her hand when it came to taking a husband, but that’s what she was doing. The threat hung over her head find a husband or be disinherited. There was no way her mom was going to run her life. She’d show her! The money would come and go, but she didn’t want to live without her family. What could she do?

When she called a number for a new dating site, she didn’t expect much.

Rykiel was placed in cryo thousands of years ago. He never expected to be woken. When he was, it was to be told that his mate was waiting for him. If he accepted her, his new life on earth would begin.

Neither expected to wake up mated. Now they would have to learn how to live together and what it means to be mated for eternity.

The tracker who glorified in evil was making his way to earth. His sights were set on killing Rykiel and destroying the planet before he went to the next one.

Could Mala and Rykiel not only find love but build a relationship that would stand against what was coming their way?


Readers 18 and older

Nyx's Blade

Nyx hunts the evil that preys on women to atone for a sin that’s not hers. After her last hunt, she’s determined to go into retirement. Meeting Blade a male that’s so obviously alien wasn’t in her plans. When she gets called into the dream corridor to help him fight, retirement is the last thing on her mind.

Blade never expected to be called to Earth. His plans were to die or to fade away until no one remembered his name. That might have happened if he didn’t meet Nyx. Now they have an enemy in the dream corridor and a rising passion between them.

If she can get over her refusal to date an alien male and he can find his soul, they may be able to work together to save the young males of the earth. Times running out and whatever is lurking in the dreams of children are ready to step out of the shadows to destroy the world.

Hope's Journey

Was it love if it broke the rules? Hope was brought up to believe that love looked a certain way. It acted a certain way, hell it even smelled a certain way. So why didn’t she want the mother approved love she saw on her television screen? Her heart longed for something that she knew the world around her would not accept.

Seth was exiled to this planet for being something he couldn’t change. His option had been the right according to his family. All he had to do was die as he renounced the sin that was buried in his blood and marrow. That would allow others like him both male and female to renounce their wicked ways and to die with the blessing of the great one on them. He chose to keep living.

Logan had a choice, but to him, it was a non-choice. He could renounce Seth and all that he stood for or he could go through the turmoil of living life on the run until he was exiled along with Seth. He chose a life on the run fighting for what was right.

Three people one fatal meeting that will change not only their lives but the shape of the world they live in.

The world will tell you to be content as it steals your joy from you one breath at a time. This is the journey of Hope, Seth, and Logan as they travel to find a different kind of love.

This book is for people who are 18 and older. It is an adult book that features a triad union. It is mmf and mfm. Why? Because people in love touch.

Heaven Can Wait

Neveah was on the run. Her parents didn’t like her lifestyle and were determined to put an end to it. What she didn’t expect was the purple guy with the bedazzled face who said he would help her if she went willingly with him.

Rale was looking for a needle in a storm. A mythical female who his people said didn’t exist and yet he found her on a blue planet. Now he needed her to come willingly.

Julze was the reason for the plan. The people on his planet would call him the wrinkle. He was dying and needed both his mates; a male and a female to save his life and form a stable triad.

Now that they were together, they needed to get to know each other while dealing with pirates and others that wanted to tear them apart. There was a computer with an attitude and more than a little mayhem happening. If they found a way to deal with it, then, in the end, they would find love. Was it worth risking it all for a chance to love?

This book is for people who are 18 and older. It is an adult book that features a triad union. It is mmf and mfm. Why? Because people in love touc



“Hi.” Raphael was in the living room sitting on the floor sifting through a mound of papers. He was dressed almost like her in joggers and a tee.

“Can I join you?”

“Sure, I am trying to find something I only vaguely remember because it’s been roughly three centuries since I last saw it. It might give us a clue to who is targeting you and why.”

“Three centuries? That’s a long life.”

“Most created have much longer lives.”

“But not all?”

“We can die, we have died in wars, sometimes on the job, but that rarely happens. We don’t take jobs we can’t handle.”

“What jobs can’t you handle?”

“I’ve yet to come across one.”

She sucked her bottom lip in her mouth before running her tongue over it. He didn’t say anything just flipped through papers like he was waiting for her to speak.

“The blue alien you turned into…”

“I’m a Dren, the Dren are from planet Drennay.”

“Dren.” She repeated the word liking the way it flowed from her lips. “That is what you are?”

“Sort of.” He sat back ignoring the stack of papers in front of him to get a good look at her. “I’m from a race of people who have been genetically engineered. We call ourselves the created. Not very original, but better than what the scientists who made us called us.”

“What did they call you?” Tendrils of dread went down her spine. She knew she wasn’t going to like this.

“Genetic fodder.”


“We are called genetic fodder by them only good enough to fight to protect their planet and then to die.”

She was right she didn’t like this. How could they want anyone like Raphael to die?

Julian -The A'rouk Brothers 4


Aliya wasn’t the type to stumble through life blindly. She tiptoed gently with blinders on allowing her to only see what was in front of her. It was supposed to keep her safe.

She forgot when evil came after you it didn’t care about your desire to be safe. It was easy to be in the wrong place at the right time. Now she was paying the price.

They said they wanted her blood, but they really wanted her life.

Julian was getting away from it all. Sometimes there was such a thing as too much family. He dare not say that to his. When you were an alien on an alien planet you were expected to stick close together.

The Earth has been his home for hundreds of years, it no longer felt alien. He struck out on his own and did the last thing his family expected of him—short-order cook for a hole in the wall restaurant—a hole in the wall he loved.

He might have spent the next ten years there if Aliya hadn’t stumbled in starving and looking for a hero. He was no one’s hero, but Aliya could make him believe when she looked at him.

He was fine with letting the Earth battle their own monsters until those monsters came for Aliya. Now he would move not only the Earth but the heavens to keep her safe.

Adult content 18 and older


The Wolf & The Pretender

Werewolves & Mates

The Wolf & The Pretender Book 3

Keva is the mistress of deception. She is the teller of lies. Her adoring fans eat it up coming back for more.

She’s building her empire one block at a time.

Until she feels a tug on her soul from two different males.

One offers to lay the world at her feet, riches, and power. What’s a girl to do when she grew up broke and hungry?

The other offers freedom and maybe the elusive concept of love.

Should she dance while the world burns or try to save it?


Kayden is broken, his mind splintered.

On one mission he defied orders and has been paying ever since.

All he knows are fighting and hunger.

The tug he feels could splinter his mind or piece it together.

His enemy plans to kill him, and he’s not exactly fighting for survival.


Fate screwed them when he met Keva.

Kayden cheated death.

Keva cheated death.

Now death stalks them.


It’s the final act, and someone must die.

Will they stand together or make one of them the sacrificial lamb?

Will love save them or condemn them?

This book is for those 18 and older

Werewolves & Mates

 The Wolf & The Psychic – Book 2


Ava was stuck somewhere between being strong, then weak when the voices of those around her overwhelmed her. She was a psychic with strong shields to keep her thoughts to herself but no shields to keep others from blasting her with what they were thinking.

She was also lonely. The dating site was calling her name if nothing else she would get a good laugh out of it. The last thing she expected was a response from Nobody’s Prince. Now she was determined to show him his worth before their time together ran out.

Imagine her surprise when she realized her prince was an alien.

One night was all Locke had to give when he was forced to answer an ad on a dating site. He wasn’t expecting Ava, with her curves and eyes that made his heart melt. He needed to let his little psychic go before she came to the attention of the Shadows.

Then it was too late and the fight was on for her life. The Shadows were determined to kill Ava. Locke was determined to keep her alive. It was a race against time. What would win Love or death?

Win or lose his heart would never be his again.


Hell Hound Central

Cayal: Book One

Ivy was moving (she wasn’t running away from the a**hole who dumped her). Misty Hollow was the perfect place to start over, but she never expected the towns people to act like she was bringing the plague with her.

Then she met Ca’yal, and all bets were off. There was something strange about him and the town. Now she was determined to find out what, hopefully with Ca’yal by her side.

Ca’yal’s life was focused on work, that’s all there was for him. He never expected the female wiggling her rear to capture his attention. Now he can’t stop thinking about her and wondering what if. When she’s attacked by a vampire, everything changes. Now he’d give anything for one more minute with her.

Love might be wonderful if there wasn’t some evil trying to use it against them. If it has its way it will drain them; leaving them a soulless, powerless husk. They have to win, but it’s not that easy. The evil has a catch 22 that will drain them no matter what they do.

When your love has an expiration date is it still worth indulging in?  Join Ca’yal and Ivy on a journey to find the answer.


Lyrek brought his people to earth looking for their abraza; the one woman whose melody resides with their own. If they can’t find at least a spark they will leave and continue their search through the galaxy.

Jade’s life is spent working, relaxing, and spending time with friends. She’s given up looking for that special someone. When her best friend invites her to the newest restaurant in town all she hopes for is a decent meal. What she gets are food and Lyrek. She’s finally met someone that makes her want to risk it all.

Jade’s song reaches out to Lyrek, she may be the salvation of his people. He, on the other hand, maybe her death sentence. To keep her alive means to stay away from her.

Jade must risk her life to help his people and her own. Lyrek must risk the one person he never thought he’d find to save his people and hers.

If what they plan doesn’t work, neither will have to worry because another race is coming with intents to kill them all.

In the midst of their race against time is the fact that love keeps calling their names.

Not recommended for those under 18


Kisame was an explorer fighting to explore The Interior, a part of their world that was off limits. This was where the last war happened; it destroyed their lives and their past. She wanted to understand what happened there. She was taught like everyone else it was aliens that came to their planet, although she never believed that history. Finally, she was going to be allowed to explore the forbidden.

Rilan was in hibernation. One day he was the ruler of the most powerful empire on Terra, now he was asleep. A presence he never felt before touched something deep within him waking him up. The pain and anguish he felt waking to an empty world held him in its grip, until he saw her.

Kisame realizes she walked into a conspiracy older than the war that had been fought. Rilan realized that his people were suppressing and denying their ability to shift into their dragon forms. A battle would be fought, but it would begin with them learning that there was no future unless the two of them allowed love to bring them together.

This time there may be another war brewing. If so, it meant death for all and not just the dragon shifters.

#parallelworld  #sexydragons

Now Available

Mila spent her life hiding away in and out of hospitals. Only one sister could have a life, and she wasn’t the one that was chosen. Her best friend, her replacement sister invited—ordered her—to move in with her and her family.

It would have been perfect if tall dominant and oh so sexy Slade wasn’t watching her with green eyes sent from the Gods, and a mouth made for sin. Time always felt like it was standing still, now it was rushing to catch her. The enemy that tried to kill her as a preteen was back; now it wanted her and the sister who didn’t know she was still alive.

Could she sacrifice herself again so her sister could live? Or did she finally want a chance at life with the one man who made her feel life was precious?

Slade was a rage-filled male with nothing to look forward to. When they told him that another human female was coming to live with them, he shrugged. What was one more? Then he met her.

Her scent teased her with thoughts of a future that couldn’t be his; Mila was so much more. How could he even want to talk to her when another held his heart for so long? Slade needed to learn how to let go of the past and embrace the future before Mila was forever beyond his reach.

Together they must defeat the horrors of the past if they ever want a future together.

Rylee spent her life running with no intention of staying still until Phoenix walked into her bar. She didn’t know what was drawing her to him, but she wanted to find out. Two years later he was finally ready to talk and more. It may be too late. The evil that has been stalking her found her and now once again her life is in danger.


Phoenix couldn’t stay away from Rylee, and he tried. His heart was whispering mate. He ignored it to watch her from afar. He was going to sacrifice himself for his family to live. He didn’t know what form that would take. He did know a mate would complicate things.


He feared for her life.

She knew they would hurt him trying to get to her.

They each had a reason to stay apart. Time, need, and desire was drawing them together. They either fought together or died alone.