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If you love paranormal romance, mystery and intrigue, with a dash of magic, then you don’t want to pass up these new books!

Alexander’s new start in a quaint town takes an unexpected turn when he becomes entangled in a web of danger. A chance encounter with a captivating woman in his dreams unveils a sinister plot, and Sable’s once mundane existence transforms into a nightmare. As they fight to unravel the mystery behind her impending sacrifice, Alexander and Sable find an extraordinary connection that defies reality. With time running out, can their love rewrite destiny and thwart a malevolent force?

Destiny’s life is coming to an end. That doesn’t stop her hunger to have an adventure and to leave one final reminder of her life behind. 
Kie’lo, abandoned and left for dead, faces the harsh reality of his people moving on while his realm withers away. Together they must fight the forces out to e3nd the world as they know it and tear two star crossed lovers apart.

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Elemental dragons and the women who love them.

Book 2 in the Dare Legacy Series